Every four years on the unique day on the calendar, February 29th everyone on planet Earth is encouraged to take a small sample of local seeds and place them into a local container which will be shipped to permanent cold storage in Antarctica. This is an easy thing for everyone to do. It is easy to collect a few seeds and soil samples from your local area. It is easy for the local authorities to have a barrel where each persons seeds could be placed. It is easy for mail and state authorities to ship these containers to a shipping point. It is easy to ship them to Christchurch, New Zealand or or  Puntas Arenas, Argentina. It is easy to ship or fly them from those points to to McMurdo Station in Antarctica. From there it would only require them being transported via truck or airplane to a safe and permanent cold storage location high in the Antarctic mountains. There are bare mountains there where the containers could be securely mounted to the rocks and at a very low temperature the seeds would remain viable for thousands of years.

This would insure that your local area could be replanted in the future no matter what happened to global warming or other unforeseen tragedy.