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Everything that exists sprang originally from nonexistence. This seeming nonsense becomes an obvious observation because everything we know didn’t exist at some time in the past. If we ask the simple question, “Where did that come from?” we soon realize that it came from some set of preexisting conditions. When we repeat the question over and over we soon see that everything came from some preexisting thing. We can continue asking that same seemingly simple question until we reach the conclusion that Lao Tzu reached in 500 BC. Things generate their opposite and at the beginning the opposite of something is nothing. The first thing was generated by its opposition to nothing. That sounds even crazier than things coming into existence from preexisting things and yet the known processes of the physical world have been explored to well within the first second after the creation of the universe using similar logic coupled with high energy experiments.

Thoughts are always associated with some physical substrate, which in the past were limited to electro-chemical reactions within a nervous system. Without the physical substrate there were no thoughts. With the creation of writing thoughts could be symbolically stored but it still required a physical substrate, usually called a mind within a brain, to process them and to become conscious of them. Now with computers reaching higher capacities they are capable of associating many things together that were previously thought of as requiring a human brain. It is all quite mechanistic but then at the root of human thought it is also quite mechanistic. The digital-bit computers will soon be, perhaps some already are, working by something closer to analog probabilities that have Gaussian like associations, or possibly have variable charge levels that must be surpassed in a period of time before they react. A leaky bucket decision process and not just a yes or no that digital computers use to compute. That seems to be how brains work. Biological brains are quite slow in detail but because of myriads of stored memory modules they process some complex things en masse very quickly. Once the proper arrangement of computer chip processors are created they may be able to do mental functions at near the speed of light.

When the emptiness of the void is at last reached and understood and the capability of generating things out of the void itself becomes possible we will certainly enter a new world for us living beings. The void brought us into being but it is impossible to know what this presently unknowable thing is or the limits of what it is capable of. For non-theists the void may be the ultimate supernatural entity and it is the thing to which they must turn for ultimate answers and help. This is possibly the supernatural thing which is testable and provable as opposed to the various god concepts which so far have failed the various tests.

The void is the source of everything including now and the future.