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The 99% are thinking of themselves as the disenfranchised because they think of the other 1 % as holding more than their fair share of the economy’s money. A much greater problem is the distribution of political power which is vastly more concentrated, but that goes unrecognized by the public. Two of the three top posts in the three branches our government are presently controlled by men chosen from a tiny group of Harvard Law School subgroup called Constitutional Law. Barack Obama the present head of the US administration who graduated from that roomful of people but so did John Roberts the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. There are over three hundred million people in the US but that super select constitutional law group is probably less than 1,000 people.

The current Occupy Movement is whimpering about the 1% having 50% of the money but they never even mention that the real power is controlled by a super select group. This means the government and anyone who wants to challenge any of its behavior must seek remedy from the exact set of unelected people who run the Supreme Court. Furthermore those Justices are chosen by the very people whom they are by constitutional law supposed to limit. This is an extremely inbred group of people supposedly monitoring and regulating their twin brothers.

Stated in generalized numbers this means 3,000,000 rich people make up the so called 1% who have the money. But the Harvard Constitutional Law graduates is a tiny number in comparison. I haven’t been able to get an exact number but 1,000 is a ball park figure and it may be fewer. It’s not 3,000,000 in control of the 300,000,000 people’s money that should worry us, but the 1,000 people slated to be in ultimate control of this same 300,000,000 people’s political power, and 7,000,000,000 world people, while still in school. The watchdogs and the bulldogs both come from The Kennel. It’s a very small kennel compared to the vast numbers of people they will rule. The watchdogs become even more ingrown because it is one of their own kennel mates, the presidential bulldog, who chooses the new Supreme Court watchdogs when an old one departs.

The Harvard Law School and especially the Constitutional Law branch is where the real political power bias resides and it’s 3,000 times more concentrated than the 1% monetary power that garners so much media attention. This excess concentration of political power problem should be addressed by removing people from public office who are part of that overly select group of power elite, and by having the Supreme Court Justices voted into office by the entire Congress rather than chosen by the sitting president. We need a more broadly experienced group of people running our government and the world.

That divestment of The Kennel’s power is a concrete issue in which the Occupy Movement might get some traction.

Of the 9 sitting supreme court justices 5 are from Harvard Law School
John Roberts
Stephen Breyer
Elena Kagan
Anthony Kennedy
Antonin Scalia

For a much longer list of this power elite power group see:

Harvard Law School alumni.

Even this long list is only a tip top of the power elite. Of course power soon converts to money and vice versa. The Occupy Movement’s foundation principles of absolute egalitarianism will easily be subverted and controlled by this super powerful elite. It has vast money, vast power and the absolute rights to control both of those entities to their very core. The Occupy moment is totally powerless as it exists. It has no power, it has no money, it has no media and perhaps worst of all it has no spectacular idea.

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come but the current American idea is Freedom and it is controlled by the American elite. The Occupy Movement doesn’t even have a powerful idea.