There have been several posts on my blog about finding a new home and we have talked to several realtors here in the East Bay and seen several houses. There are some very nice ones which we could purchase but for the same money we could get far more out in the hinterlands of say, Bend, Oregon. That translates into a more spacious home, with more amenities, more property around the house and more money left over for all the other stuff like foreign vacations. Other things are much cheaper at these other locations, like a molar tooth root-canal which costs $2,000 here and about $1,000 there.

Part of our willingness to move away from what we have thought of as an earthly Paradise is the realization that we spend most of our time living in the world of books and using the electronic cyberspace. I found that the local area is no longer as important to me as it was previously. I would presently feel more bereft if I lost my internet connection than if I lost my decade long contact with my local coffee shop. That has been confirmed by actual empirical experiment.

I have enjoyed going to lectures here on the UC Berkeley campus for the last couple of years and talking to famous people after the lectures. That was a real treat but as enjoyable as that has been it hasn’t been personally productive of anything new. My most positive possible thing to come of it would have been if Walter Alvarez of Chicxulub T. Rex and The Crater of Doom fame had been more interested in my EarthArk Project. I did talk to him on a couple of occasions about it but not long enough to convince him to say anything more than, “good luck with that”. If he, or say Yuan Lee whom I did talk to personally for fifteen minutes, had been supportive it might have made something happen. For something this outré it would need some celebrity endorsement. In fact it still might happen but even if the EarthArk is my greater goal in life it might just as well be done in Nevada as in California. After all the whole thing ends up in Antarctica and it is very unlikely that I will ever go there personally. Sending a small package from Nevada to the South Pole is as easily done as sending it from Berkeley, or even Christchurch, New Zealand, which would be the airport from which the airplanes depart.

So, the actual city we choose to live in isn’t as important anymore as the house we choose to make into our new home.

Modern life isn’t as locked into location, location, location as it once was.