The end of the world crisis is now slowly descending upon us. I am not a gloom and doomer, not really, and generally I am quite cheerful but the rising tide of real global problems is already upon us and without doubt will get worse. In todays news we see that Bangladesh is already in crisis mode because their country is at sea level and even a slight rise means floods for millions of people. That countries people have no place to go when their farms are flooded and even a little global warming and a little sea level rise means disaster for them.

This might seem like a local problem for those people to work out but it will quickly turn into a world problem as 35 million desperate people flood out into the rest of the world. This massive number is far more refugees than any country will be willing to voluntarily accept and let reside within their borders. A quote from the Financial Times.

Millions of people will be moving. No amount of nuclear submarines will be able to stop that,” warns Mr Rahman, who was also a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which won the Nobel peace prize in 2007 for its work on climate change.

This exodus, when it hits full flow, will be the beginning of a local population problem becoming an ongoing serious world problem. When truly massive numbers of desperate people start migrating everywhere they will soon start crowding the people in other parts of the world and cause those people to become desperate themselves in a short time. And you can’t stop them with a few submarines. I don’t know how the living people can be stopped, nor shoud they, but in the long run it is obvious that the total population of people on Earth must not exceed the caring capacity or total world disaster is inevitable.

Bangladesh now at its carrying capacity in good times but has far exceeded its carrying capacity when there is a typhoon, which happens every few years.  When that happens a flood of people is forced out of the country. But, that won’t be the end of it. Moving the people out of a famine stricken area won’t solve any world problems, not for one minute. The local area will still be overpopulated, or at least populated to the maximum and all of the refugees will only stress the remainder of the already over stressed planet just that much more.

That additional stress brings the whole human food supply system just that much closer to a complete collapse. With every spate of severe local hardship, anywhere in the world, there will be an exodus of desperate people but when the whole Earth is maxed out the desperation will become ubiquitous and there will be no place for them to go. Then what? You figure it out. It isn’t that difficult.