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People were yelling at me more than usual today. Mostly it is about my having crazy ideas when I appear to be a sane person. I say the difference between what they perceive as my crazy ideas and other people’s crazy ideas is that mine have simple testable proofs.

I pass most of the common tests for sanity! For example: I don’t talk to people who aren’t there like some people our group knows and tolerates. I don’t get angry at other people without them having provoked me in some direct and obnoxious way like some others around here do quite frequently. I don’t blame all of the problems of the world on some particular president or another as one or two of our little gaggle do quite often. I don’t ride skateboards down busy streets against oncoming traffic or sit on the curb with my legs dangling out to get mutilated by oncoming traffic as is frequently seen within a few feet of my coffee cup. I don’t avoid wearing a hearing aid because I find other people boring as if being totally isolated from the conversation at hand makes them more interesting as more than a few of the locals do. I don’t freak out when someone twenty steps away lights up a cigarette and go tell them to put it out. Or fuss bitterly when some rich woman wears expensive perfume in our drafty room. I don’t go around shooting at Presidents or sprinkling pipe bombs about or kidnapping people as some of the folks in our little coffee shop are so fond of doing.

The reason people seem to be upset with me is because I occasionally have an opinion that differs from theirs in some tiny, itty bitty, little way and offer proofs for why I believe what I believe. My blogs are of this type of reasoning and presentation and you can just read back in time from this current post or go to these more flagrant examples below and read a few posts:

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Well, on looking at this list of things I like to talk about, I can see why people don’t want to talk to me—it all seems pretty negative. Actually, I don’t feel negative about these subjects at all because in every blog I come up with a reasonable way to cope with the disaster and end up being quite pleased with the results and realistically hopeful for the future. Perhaps people are slow to tune into the positive aspect of these blogs, yet everyone knows that great problems bring great opportunities so I write and talk about great problems. Take this one for example: How to revive cold-dead people by warming their heart. How much more positive can I get than giving you an easy way to revive dead people? And it will probably work in many cases. Even Jesus was reported to have only raised Lazarus from the dead and here I give you a method to save lots of people—without magic.

So why are people upset with me? Perhaps I should be more humble but it’s hard to be humble when people are yelling at you.