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Earthark, Lifehaven and Recuperate The Earth have similarities and differences but what they all have in common is a method of giving humanity a second chance at restoring its people to a civilized way of life.

Earthark is a project sponsored at local levels or even personal levels and sends objects unique to each person’s local area from all over the Earth to a safe deep storage located in Antarctica.

The Lifehaven Project is a small number of miniature whole Earth human communities living on small islands as remote from a nuclear war as possible.

The Recuperate The Earth project is a second economy run in parallel to the usual world economies but it takes excess material and labor potential, when they are available, and creates finished products which are permanently stored and do not enter the normal world economy.

There are a number of sites aimed at extraterrestrial backup of humanity but these are way beyond humanity’s abilities in the near future and probably not doable in less than a hundred year time frame. We will need a Earth Disaster relief plan far sooner than that and the space environment is inherently very dangerous.  The current Earth orbiting Space Station is barely supportable and even after half a century of space exploration only a very few people are out there. For a tiny fraction of the cost of making a minimal space colony of at least 100 people or even a simple Second Space Station like hotel, a much larger and more comfortable Lifehaven could be created and maintained here on Earth.

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