EarthArk supporter certificates and buttons are intended to show appreciation for those people who have donated to this effort to save Earth for the future generations of people and of all other creatures.

EarthArk support button

The EarthArk supporter button

EarthArc monetary support

EarthArc monetary supporter button

EarthArc support staff

EarthArc supporter staff

Large monitary contribuitor

A large monetary contributor—The Golden Circle

EarthArk contributor, supporter and staff

EarthArk contributor, supporter and staff

It is important to give people recognition for their support and work. A button or a wall certificate is a tiny acknowledgment of the work which they do and this symbol is intended to remind them of the far greater thing which they have accomplished by supporting this ultimately valuable project. Perhaps, in the distant future they will be thanked in a far more profound and significant way by people and living creatures. This appreciation can never be known to us except in our imagination but it must be our ultimate reward.