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There is a lot of speculation about the future! Everyone seems to have their own ideas based on their own experience and hopes, and if these could be  graphed out they would mostly be straight line projections based on their past personal experience concerning whatever particular subject is at hand. Generally speaking this is a reasonable procedure and some things are remarkably predictable. Some physical phenomena are predictable out to 15 decimal places, like the atomic clocks. These tiny vibrating atoms are much more predictable than more massive things like our Sun and Earth, which if you observe their behavior carefully isn’t nearly that predictable. Because of the irregular rising and setting of the Sun, the universal clocks must be adjusted a second or two every couple of years because of natural wobbles.

When people talk about prediction they generally are not referring to these predictable physical events but rather to human events on a grand scale like political elections, stock market swings, global warming, sea level rise and the weather. These are the kinds of things which people believe they can and should make some sort of preparation for, like carrying an umbrella, selling their beach properties and stocks or moving out of the country in case the wrong party gets elected. Most of the time there isn’t much a person can do about these things but it is fun to worry about them and discuss them in profound ways with our casual friends.

There are really important future events that are predictable but people are conditioned by culture and personal anxieties not to discuss them. For example, no one wants to talk about the obvious fact that they are going to be dead in a thousand years and yet a moment’s reflection makes that an obvious fact. Some authority figures will try to con their followers into believing that they can prevent this eventuality by some ritual, but how convincing their pronouncements are just shows how clever their lies are. That ability to deceive will be less obvious with other less obvious things but if they are telling so blatant a lie one can be sure they are also telling other less obvious lies.

Other obvious lies we hear every day are latent in such statements as: “if things continue the way they are going ,” or “if there isn’t a war,” or “we will find a way out of the problem because we always have found a way out and always will.” I am a fairly cheerful person and yet I see the human population of the Earth heading at top speed directly for disaster. We couldn’t be going faster toward Doomsday if we put it as a national priority, a global priority, a personal priority of every person on this planet. The previous blog, Coming disasters might combine for worse effects, attempts as a mental construct to overlap the obvious coming problems projected out to a 30 year time horizon and the problems are terrific and synergistic. An obvious follow up to 30 years’ projection is the question of permanent sustainability for all humanity projected out into a distant future, say 12,000 years. The answer is something like, if we can destroy the Earth’s ability to sustain us in 30 years we should be able to do it 400 times over given that amount of time.

So, how can I be cheerful? It becomes easy when I realize I have no choice and it feels better to be cheerful than miserable. So, I do what I can to save humanity and all other living things with the EarthArk project. Give the EarthArk project a try.

It is Christmas Eve and time to watch the Pope doing his annual televised plea for world peace. I will listen carefully to see if there are any suggestions which will actually help humanity. Will he say, for example, “Reduce population, educate women, stop eating meat and stop burning fuels”?