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The first EarthArk package was displayed briefly for photographing at the Caffe Mediterraneum before being filled with seeds and other goodies and prepared for its journey to Antarctica.

EarthArk at the Mediterraneum in Berkeley

EarthArk 001 at the Mediterraneum in Berkeley - photo by Ben Fulcher

This is the first EarthArk of many which it is hoped will be sent by individual people, such as yourself, to Antarctica. You may recognize this iconic suitcase, by its distinctive markings, because it has been seen in innumerable Hollywood movies. It is a Halliburton and it’s made of heavy duty aircraft type aluminum required by all real action heroes. The hinges and snap closures are very sturdy and it should endure the rigors of the Antarctic environment as well as anything that is made. The intended destination for this EarthArk is -88.721344 -122.2584 which is exactly 90% of the way from its pictured location at the “Med” straight along the longitude line toward the South Pole. When you label your EarthArk package it should have its origin location and latitude and longitude if possible and its intended destination The South Pole EarthArk clearly marked on the outside of the container and sealed for a thousand years. Scratch the source address into the surface if possible for real permanence.

The Mediterraneum has been the Center of the Earth for many Berkeley people, including me, for many years and it is an appropriate place for such an unusual project to begin. Various materials will be collected locally over the next month to be mailed.

This is a thing which you can do personally to actually help SAVE THE WORLD for the future. It is much more significant thing to do than to simply join in some protest about how badly other people are behaving.