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EarthArk symbol

A basic EarthArk logo showing a symbol of an ancient boat called an ark with a containerized cargo spelling Earth Ark.


Added to an ark is a South Pole projection map of the Earth. There is a red line connecting the location of the first EarthArk package at the Caffe Mediterraneum, in Berkeley, California +37.8656 -122.2584 to its permanent storage site 99% of the way to the South Pole in Antarctica at -88.721344 -122.2584 .

EarthArk Logo

This is the two symbols combined into an EarthArk logo with an ark shaped boat, carrying a containerized cargo spelling out the name “EARTH ARK” and with a sail made of a South Pole projection map of the Earth. The intent is to link the saving of your individual packages from all over the Earth to their safe storage locations in the frozen remoteness of Antarctica.

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