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Sometimes one needs a hot bath and tonight was one of those times. A couple of days ago, near the end of a lecture, it became apparent that a person near me was in the fever stage of a cold and today it became apparent that I was having some flu symptoms myself—chills, raspy nose and throat, etc. When this happens I immediately take a hot bath and raise my body temperature to 102.0° Fahrenheit as per instructions in Probaway-Flu, as also described in A cure for the common cold using 105° F baths.

The cure for the common cold using 105° F baths.
That’s me taking a cold cure last February with the thermometer sticking out of my mouth. Any resemblance to an ancient Egyptian cartouche of Imhotep the physician was strictly accidental. Today was the sixth bath and the last couple of days of flu symptoms were very mild which proves to me one of two things, either I am a hypochondriac and exaggerated some symptoms which weren’t there or the hot baths cured the cold. My experience with this method over some sixteen years now has convinced me it really works; however as I whined yesterday most everyone considers me a howling fool so my only suggestion is to try it for yourself.

About halfway through this particular bath I was rewarming the water, which had dropped to about 104° F, back up to 106° F. I sat up in the tub to stir this warmer water in with the cool water and before taking its temperature was shaking the oral style thermometer back down. At the end of a vigorous downward thrust it slipped from my fingers and went flying at high velocity off into oblivion. There was only a slight noise and the thermometer was gone. This was an ancient style mercury thermometer and I was concerned that wherever it broke, which it surely must have because I flung it with such force, that there would be a splattering of mercury and some broken glass. So, without moving I began a careful search of the bathtub for the broken pieces but couldn’t find any. I looked all over and rechecked around the bathtub and couldn’t find anything, no mercury drops, no broken glass. Well, I didn’t want this potentially dangerous thing to be sticking me in my bare foot one of these days so I kept looking. Nothing!

Finally, I gave up and called to D in another room, to bring in another thermometer from the closet. She also looked and looked for the missing thermometer and she too finally gave up and was giving me the new one and I lay back down into the water. And then, miraculously as I lay back down the missing thermometer silently revealed itself from the fold of skin between my stomach and leg.

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