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What is needed for the Earthark Project

  1. Nonprofit status-: California Nonprofit, 7 Tips, Suite101, CA forms.
  2. Nonprofit name for the whole Earth Ark system
  3. Local mail drop address for Antarctica seed-bank
  4. Antarctica mail drop for packages
  5. Isotainer as a first local mail drop
  6. Isotainers in various locations throughout the world for cheaper mailing
  7. Air borne style containers for air dropping into Antarctica
  8. Making a pre-labeled donation kit like Netflix with mail labels and instructions
  9. A moisture proof small mailing letter for a dollar or more
  10. A moisture proof five pound or so mailing container with instructions
  11. Locate destination persons to receive the packages temporarily
  12. Locate possible aircraft, ship, and trucking delivery systems
  13. Work up an advertising campaign with an appealing message
  14. Write more blurbs in a positive fashion rather than in the negative Doomsday mood
  15. Write a script for a Simpson episode based on Doomsday/Earthark

Links to interesting Eathark related sites

  1. The Mars Society
  2. New Zealand is the modern Noah’s Ark, an Earth Ark
  3. Culture Collective movie
  4. Doomsday Ark on the Moon
  5. Interstellar Ark
  6. Bible slant on ultra-eschatology
  7. Probaway – Doomsday what you can do now
  8. US A-bomb sites
  9. FEMA Disaster Planning Guide
  10. Survival & Self-Reliance group