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We all do a lot of thinking and working which isn’t necessarily helping us to maximize our happiness and well-being. The Happiness Scale shows a direction to go for improving your behavior and maximizing your total happiness from any behavioral place you happen to find yourself. Well-being is a bit different from happiness, because it emphasizes more the physical condition of people rather than the mental and behavioral states. The various Probaway blogs on the subjects of Lifehavens and the Earth Ark are an attempt to maximize the physical genetic survival of humans, and other existing life forms. That is the extreme example of wellbeing,but some more mundane habits are needed for daily use. The Happiness Scale is similar and makes a good point of departure for creating a parallel scale and it might be called a Wellbeing Scale.

Scaled~# – Explanatory sentence

WELL~0 Intentional suicidal acts intended to destroy one’s physical being.

WELL~1 Reveling in personal extreme risk, and the enjoyment of violating other people’s natural rights.

WELL~2 Seeking out known hazards to health and wellbeing, for rebellion and quick unearned pleasures.

WELL~3 Conforming to some legally accepted standards of behavior, but which are known to be unhealthy.

WELL~4 Excessively doing something which is generally healthful, but the excess creates problems.

WELL~5 Living with other people in the generally accepted ways of cleanliness, and routine behavior.

WELL~6 Healthy living is achieved, and being maintained by careful exclusion of non-appropriate things.

WELL~7 Superior life is attained by careful virtuous behavior aimed at developing a personal ideal.

WELL~8 Setting examples of life enhancing behavior which can be followed by others.

WELL~9 Constructing a local environment within which everyone can flourish.

WELL~10 Overseeing the public environment which helps everyone to be healthy and productive.

WELL~11 Dedicated efforts to find new and better ways for enhancing health and wellbeing of everything.

WELL~12 Enhancing the genetic life force in all creatures to maximize their potential for healthy individual life.

WELL~13 Creating new life forms which will better utilize the energy provided by natural energy sources.

WELL~14 Physical perfection is being manifest, and is encoded for all time and all inhabitable places in reliably recreatable forms.

The ancient Greeks thought that happiness was an achievement but most modern people have associated it with short-term pleasure. This chart has emphasized that ancient interest in the long-term aspects of human vitality so the impact of a person’s actions are set into a more historical perspective. The issues that matter most are issues about living our human lives in the most vital way possible and not about momentary feelings or desires.

That quote is from the comments section under the Probaway – Happiness Scale from which this Wellbeing Scale was derived.