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The old Doomsday Clock created in 1947 for the cover of the journal Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists makes an effort to predict the risks of a Doomsday by showing a clock with the hands approaching midnight. There is another and rather obvious way in which similar information about Doomsday could be presented. Have a clock presenting how many days it has been since Doomsday began, and that beginning point could be labeled the detonation of the first atom bomb at Alamogordo, New Mexico on July 16th 1945 at 8 AM. This clock could be put into universal time or better yet into astronomical time—the decimal days calendar called Julian Date. For example the Trinity A-bomb at Alamogordo exploded at:
1945-07-16=12\29\45t which converts to JD decimal days 2431653.02066
Or using the new JulianA indexing system which indexes the time and location it would be presented as:
JulianA~event,first atomic bomb explosion, 2431653.02066, +33.6773, -106.4754, +1499,~

What would be visually interesting would be a JavaScript driven clock which would show the number of days since the beginning of modern time i.e. the explosion of the first atom bomb. At the current moment this may not seem so momentous as it will seem at some time in the future after Doomsday has come and gone and perhaps other Doomsdays have come and gone also, but after those super tragic events Alamogordo will be remembered as the true moment for the beginning of coeval time. (Coeval is defined by http://www.thefreedictionary.com/coeval+ as: one of the same era or period; a contemporary.) This usage for the post Doomsday time meaning after Alamogordo is slightly derivative of the old meaning, but it is easily understood as co-evil which is quite accurate for that measure of time. One of the interesting qualities of this usage is that it clearly puts us presently into that evil period the co-evil period. Dating from that instantaneous event might be called After Alamogordo, AA or perhaps CEP for CoEval Period. The way the AA clock is created is to take today’s date found at the United States Naval Observatory USNO which gives an exact instant that you click  it. The moment I did this I got ( 2454764.04012 ). and from that number subtract the Alamogordo A-bomb explosion 2431653.02066 to get the exact number of days and decimal days since the beginning of After Alamogordo Time.

2454764.03109 -2431653.02066 = 23111.0104
So, the moment of this post is 23111.0104 AAT

It needs a nice presentation such as:

The Doomsday Clock is past Midnight

The Doomsday Clock keeps moving forward.

My current time is 23,111.01040 days past The Doomsday Clock’s midnight.