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Human evolution for the last half million years has been controlled by women. At the beginning of that period those women would not have been quite as human as we are at present, but if they were alive now with their exact genetic makeup they probably would have been interbreed-able with modern people. The proof for that untestable statement is that horses and donkeys went their separate genetic ways about six million years ago, and are still to some extent interbreed-able. Humans at half a million years separation are twelve or more times closer together in number of breeding cycles, and therefore should be much more likely to be interbreed-able. It is within this half million years that the species we call Homo sapiens developed what we call human intelligence, and what the IQ tests purport to measure with their examinations. The Wikipedia has   good discussions of Intelligence Quotient. – Social Intellignece –  Emotional Intelligence – Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

The original IQ test was given by women.

Our human intelligence is the result of a long period of selection being performed by a very long series of our historical grand-mothers choosing our grand-fathers for breeding their children. For a discussion of why this is valid see: Human evolution was controlled by emergent human women. and – The key elements of modern human evolution are discussed in Intelligent Design — of humans by humans and for humans where the most critical factor is the development of human speech.

The primary factor in this artificial selection process was the ability to speak, and the better a man spoke the more likely a woman was to find him interesting. What the man said was no doubt important, but how well he said it was probably even more important. A subset of this general ability is vocabulary, and this has been recognized in some of the IQ tests by giving it an additional weighting for the final score. If the overall ability to speak well could be measured it would give an even closer approximation of those genes which were being selected for, and thus a better representation of those women’s single measure—the best man. Howard Gardner, “originally identified seven core intelligences: linguistic, logicalmathematical, spatial, bodilykinesthetic, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal. In 1999 he added an eighth, the naturalistic intelligence, and indicated that investigation continues on whether there is an existential intelligence.” All of these are general examples of the general types of various types of intelligences which women would have selected for, and if we could construct objective tests for what these women liked then we would have a more genetic base for measuring IQ. Once the genes were known, for these traits, they could be measured directly. Well, that is really cool, so cool that in fact it is cold, very cold.