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My bicycle accident and apparently cracking my left rib will make this a memorable vacation as will seeing my cousins, of course. Because the laptop was smashed the photos from the blog of September 9th may be all there ever is to be recovered from those first few days because the camera files were all transferred to its hard drive. Several people have said they really liked the photo labeled A truncated trunk. It is a bit of homage to Wynn Bullock, carrying on with his themes of Time-Life-Death-Flow-Transience.

Wynn Bullock's daughter in the forrest.

Wynn Bullock’s daughter in the forest.

I wasn’t thinking about Wynn’s photo when the photograph was made but when they are together there is a similar tone.

A truncated trunk

A truncated trunk 38.039537 -119.991606

The resolution in this presentation is about 1/8th of the camera’s original width but it may be all that is left. I am used to losing my pictures; in fact all of my best ones have always evaporated with time and thieves. My pictures are for my own transient pleasure whether anyone else enjoys them or not. Here is another shot, although not nearly so ethereal, taken from McDonald’s Hamburger’s parking lot.

McDonald's parking lot, South Lake Tahoe.

McDonald’s parking lot South Lake Tahoe 38.9504 -119.9546

My buddies ate one night at McDonald’s which was surprisingly good, and another night at IZZIE’s, a popular with the locals American style hamburger joint. It wasn’t so delicately coiffured as South Lake Tahoe’s McDonald’s, but it’s much more character filled, Western American style and authentic. But who’s to say what authentic American is anyway? They both are—but different.

IZZIE'S hambergers South Lake Tahoe.

IZZIE’S hamburgers South Lake Tahoe 38.9265 -119.9852

Everything about Lake Tahoe is easy living if you let it be that way, but then there are those folks who just can’t let pleasant be enough for life and have to do things to make it more exciting, like throwing money around at the casinos, and on average losing it. The excitement is soon gone, and so is their money. Then they can get back to their real lives of voluntary slavery, and paying 18% on their maxed-out credit cards.

Leaving Lake Tahoe

Leaving Lake Tahoe there is a pause for road improvements.

After a pleasant week it is time to head back to the San Francisco Bay where my true love awaits, but first we mere mortals must wait a few minutes for the road improvements by the higher powers. Always there are improvements going on in September, and the highway is now smooth, wide and without much danger from crooked turns or from traffic because there are now lots of passing lanes even in the sections that are still only one lane in each direction. The guy in front of me seems to have gotten shot up a bit at the casinos or perhaps it was by the truck lurking behind me that’s shooting.

Meyer's Grade Lake Tahoe

Meyer’s grade on Highway 50 from Lake Tahoe 38.8425 -120.0415

Notice how beautiful this highway is at present—wide, smooth with a parking shoulder and a guard rail; and a new feature, the bumpy central dividing line to warn you if you cross over into oncoming traffic. This is the beginning of what used to be the dangerous stretch. Years ago when I first started coming up here people would talk about the Meyer’s grade with some awe and respect, but now it is just plain gorgeous but with limited access.