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The common cold virus is most commonly transmitted into the human body by the subject’s own hands. People touch something which has the flu virus on it with their hands, and then touch their mucous membranes such as nose, lips or eyelids with their fingers. Usually this is done unconsciously when scratching an itch. The prevention of this habit of touching the face would eliminate almost all cases of the common cold.

There was a study where some subjects played a card game for several hours. One of the seven subjects was in the first and most contagious state of a cold, and the others had no symptoms whatsoever. Three of the symptom free subjects wore restraints which prevented them from touching their face, and the other three had no restraints. Three days later all three subjects who were unrestrained had flu symptoms, and all three who were restrained didn’t. This very small study was very indicative of the transfer of flu virus as being by the hands to the face. With that rather modest science for the basis, here is the proposal:

Learn not to put your fingers to your face by putting capsaicin on your fingertips; then with that substance on the fingers there will be a reminder not to touch the lips or eyes because a strong burning sensation will soon develop when you do. If you do this at the beginning of the flu season, say mid October then you will have developed the habit of not touching these mucus membranes before there is much risk of contracting a flu. One application of Capzasin™ to the fingertips will last for a few days for this usage. It will probably not be felt on the fingertips as much more than a warm sensation. Put on just enough on your fingertips to wet them with the product. It will evaporate in less than a minute. Then go about your business as usual. You will probably discover to your surprise, perhaps chagrin, just how often you touch your eyes, nose and mouth and will soon learn not to do so.

Get your flu shot and avoid people who are obviously florid with a cold, but if you do get a common cold go to Probaway.com flu for some suggestions on how to cure the common cold.