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Flu is more serious than a common cold.

I have cured many of my common colds, and have never failed to cure one in two days [well maybe three days sometimes] when I used the following technique… Well, we all know the standard joke about the flu, “If you simply ignore it, a typical flu will take as long as fourteen days to go away, but if you treat it aggressively using all the medicines known to modern science you can get rid of one in as little as, two weeks.” I know my claim that the following simple procedure has cleared up my flus in two days is a bit outrageous. Nevertheless, it has worked repeatedly! [14 years and never failed] So I am passing this discovery on to you in the hope that you will have similar results.
At the first sign that you are catching a flu, heat your whole body temperature up to a mild fever, 102.0° F, by any means readily available. Use an oral fever thermometer to get it right. Ideally this self-induced fever can be produced by immersing yourself in a bath of 103° F water for five minutes followed by raising the water temperature to 106° F for about ten minutes. After adjusting the bath to 106° F, which will feel a bit uncomfortable, just lie there deep in the water, and soak in the heat, and let the tub temperature drift back down to about 105° F, by the end of the ten minute period. You may have to reheat the water to keep it at 105°+ [106.5° absolute maximum]. Use your thermometer to measure your mouth temperature, and the bath temperature alternatively until your body temperature reachs 102° F. Do not force anyone to do this procedure…especially children or people with known physical problems. This induced fever must be self administered. If before the time in the tub is up you start to feel nauseated dizzy, or have unusual heart beats, get out immediately and cool down. Redo the bath as above once every eight hours for two days (or every 12 hours for 3 days)—that is a minimum of six hot baths. My experience with this procedure is that 50 hours after the first bath I have been totally cured of the feeling of flu. However, I do recommend taking a hot bath at least once a day for a few more days, as a precaution against a relapse. [It is better to do three baths per day rather than increase the temperatures or times!]

While using these procedures you may carry on most normal light activities such as reading, watching TV, and normal sleeping, but keep taking the time outs to spike a fever. Fifty hours or so from your first hot bath you should be feeling fine again, and you should never have felt any serious annoyance. If you get started with these hot baths at the first onset of symptoms, you may escape all the suffering, and there will be very little mucus to be thrown off by your body.

Using these techniques will be a slight inconvenience for two [or three] days, but isn’t that better than being sick for two weeks? How much in lost wages is being sick worth to you?

Most of this technique was published in 1994 in Proba and is now available in a more complete form in Probaway-Flu which was first put online in 1999.

This Probaway Flu has been created and tested by me and it is free to be used by you. If you use it and you get the good results that I claim it will, please reward me for my efforts in creating, and distributing it. 

This repeated voluntary fever method of curing the common cold might also work on other forms of infections; however I have not been able to do any experiments with other forms of infection, and so that particular usage is speculation. This method will work best if it is administered very early in the infectious process, at the very first signs of symptoms. It is primarily aimed at early detection, and self administration by the sufferer of the disease, and not at the medical community for their professional application to severe or acute cases. After a flu is acute it is probably too late for this method to work, but I don’t know from experiment, because I never let it get out of control.