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  1. Consume foods slowly and breathe slowly out through your nose, as this gives the odors in the food a chance to get up to where you can smell them, and that’s half the flavor of foods. See the blog on eating foul tasting medical stuff.
  2. Drink in a variety of ways: Gulp some beverages like beer, not every time you take a drink, but occasionally, as it gives a different experience than sipping, and enjoy the burping afterward as the bubbles come back up. It is a pleasant part of the consuming experience. Slosh some drinks like carbonated sparkling beverages, champagne, and beer in your mouth and between your teeth to release their bubbles and flavor. Swallow the beverages in different size boluses as each size gives a different experience. Slurp, and sort of gurgle your beverages for a bit before swallowing them and experience their unique qualities. Sip your hot beverages with lots of noise to mix the air with the liquids which controls their temperature, and releases the odors.
  3. Eat in a variety of ways: Chomp and swirl the vegetables in your mouth to have them glide over the taste buds and give off their flavors, and almost always breathe out slowly while chewing.
  4. Be aware of the timing of foods, and leave some foods in your mouth for a long time before swallowing them; for example chocolate takes fully thirty seconds to completely mature in your mouth, and requires some fruit jam and butter to fully develop.
  5. Make your food look good as in an appropriate setting with good lighting for the style intended, and make the table setting look appropriate to the food to give it a consistent theme such as an ethnic twist, a holiday or an event like a birthday.
  6. Control the temperature of food on the table with hot things on hot serving platters, and hot individual plates, and cold ones for leafy salads, and freezer cold ones for ice-creams. And, don’t let things sit too long before consuming them; for example hot coffee goes from great when first made to not so good in a few minutes to poor in half an hour if it is kept hot.
  7. Get into a friendly state of mind before eating, and talk about things of casual mutual interest like the food you are eating or are about to eat; and get a little bit hungry too by doing some mildly energetic physical activity before eating such as going for a walk with just a couple of minutes rest afterward.
  8. Build in some breaks in the meal, like a five minute chat after a salad and before the main course, and another chatty break before a desert, and a couple of minutes after the desert, and another before coffee, and another before an after dinner aperitif; lots of friendly breaks.
  9. Treat eating with respect as eating can be life destroying when done inappropriately; so approach food like you would a potentially dangerous animal. Eating is fun of course; it is one of the most enjoyable things that we ever do, and it should be given respect for its pleasure inducing qualities. One of the reasons that it is so enjoyable is that it is naturally life enhancing, in a evolutionary sense, when done appropriately and in moderation.
  10. Remember to give thanks to the many people who make your eating possible: to the person who places your food before you, to the cook for preparing it, the grocery clerk who sold you the food, the stock boy who placed it on the shelves for you to find, the truck driver for hauling it to your store, the loaders for putting it on the truck and into the warehouse, the mass transportation operators who organized its moving to you, the middlemen who organized the purchase and shipment of the items, the accountants who tracked and directed all of the operations, the farmers who grew the basic food stuff, the field workers who supplied the physical labor, the suppliers of the farm equipment, the manufacturers of the host of various implements needed to create your food, the inventors of all of those devices and of methods for getting your food to you, the capitalists for taking some of the money that came their way and instead of spending it on personal pleasure put it to work supplying your food wants, the politicians for maintaining a working system for us to thrive within and the creators of the laws which empowered it all to work and thank the creators of the constitutions for putting together a system which fulfills so many people’s needs. Thank them all for without them all you would be having a much poorer meal. You probably never heard such a thanksgiving. But you should make your thanks as specific as possible to make it maximally meaningful.