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Paths to human maturity.

Paths to human maturity.

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Example sentence, 1 of 60 . . . . . . When the environment is pleasurably stressful then the immature person’s expressions of ego expansion are taking control of his environment by using the methods of a dreamer fantasizing self-worth by delusional thinking about personal qualities when his attention is dominated by his ideas. . . . .

This long sentence was created for the top front box, and a similar, but unique sentence can be created for every one of the sixty boxes each of which represent a level of human development under certain general conditions.

Human maturity is a difficult concept for many people to understand, and this chart gives some help with that subject by providing a multidimensional plotting of several factors affecting human development. The vertical dimension is environmental stress upon an individual, and the various ways that they can relate to that stress depending upon their maturity, and their current activity. The left-right axis relates the time-binding predilections of the person, and how long they are able to put off gratification of various desires. The depth axis develops some relationships with what the activity being pursued is related to.

The stress is discussed on three defined generalized levels. The top one is where internal stress permits a state of ego expansion where the environment is under the individual’s control and the person can do whatever is within their power.

The middle stress level is where the there are clear challenges to what is being attempted and various strategies of offense and defense are required for coping with the various imposing realities.

The bottom stress level is one that is so severe that it cannot be coped with, and the person is forced to contract, and acquiesce to external compulsions.

From the center of the chart on the left to right axis the quality being rated relates the time-binding maturity predilections of the person, and is labeled with age maturity levels on the far side and mental maturity levels upon the near side, immature-crazy. These are roughly related to one another, and a normal person grows through the various stages with time and experience.

Those bands on the top expansive level are: Immature-Dreamer, Adolescent-Idealist, Adult-Producer, Mature-Leader, and Sage-Progenitor.

On the challenged level are: Immature-Crazy, Adolescent-Ambulator, Adult-Rationalist, Mature-Struggler, and Sage-Saint.

On the ego contraction level are: Immature-Psychotic, Adolescent-Neurotic, Adult-Cynic, Mature-Realist, and Sage-Prophet.

One each level and crossing all of the bands are the belts of focus of interest at the moment: Objects, people, perceptions and ideas.

The normal development of a human being would be through all of these developmental stages, and by late adulthood they should have experienced some time in every one of the defined conditions. However, the more developed a person becomes the more time they spend in the more positive and more highly developed states of happiness. The more time that people spend in the higher states the better off, and more fulfilled they are, and the more the rest of humanity benefits from their existence.