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  1. It itches and you scratch.
  2. It is still itching, and you scratch some more.
  3. It is really itching, and you put some stuff on it.
  4. It is still itching, and it doesn’t stop, and you put some other stuff on it.
  5. It itches so much it is driving you crazy, and you should probably go to the hospital.
  6. It still itches, even after putting all the various stuff on it they give you.
  7. Some of the drugs at the hospital are relieving the itching, but you are so groggy you can’t do anything.
  8. It is still itching, but with sedation you don’t care much.
  9. It itches, and your tears don’t help.
  10. You hear that some people die from itching, and there’s no report of that having cured the itching.

Everyone itches a little bit many times every day, and a little rubbing or a few simple scratches with the fingernails usually stops it. You know that because you do it frequently. The whole process goes unnoticed most of the time, but sometimes it is much worse. I discovered a method of curing most itching some twenty years ago, and have published it before, but as there is no money to be made with this method the drug manufacturers have ignored it. In fact it will cost them a lot of money; so quite frankly it makes sense for them not to acknowledge its existence. Also, there is no science money in it, because you don’t need multiple double blind experiments, and a multitude of prestigious sounding degrees before you can get paid to do experiments by the drug companies, or to even talk about it. This method simply works the first time every time. It is unlikely that any late night TV advertisements will be observed either, because there is nothing needed to buy that you probably don’t already have easy access to. There are no internet links to my solution because none of the above categories will want to acknowledge that this method works, and is easily available because it is totally FREE.
Yes, there is the operative word that everyone likes. It’s FREE. FREE. FREE!!! Ha. Ha. Ha. You can stop your itching for FREE ! ! !. Well, about here there is usually a link to where you can spend lots of money. That sounds like a good idea. Here’s one, it’s a click-through to FREE !!! But that’s not what is offered here on this post. What is here, and what you usually get on my blog is personal observations which you might, in fact probably will, find helpful. There is a heavy helping of sarcasm in this particular posting because I know from abundant personal experience that this method of stopping itching works in a couple of minutes, and yet it is all but impossible to locate it on Google, or any other search engine, because they are swamped with cross-reference to money making schemes. That’s why I’m so whiny.

How to stop itching.

I know; I have been there! I suffered the suffering!!!  And I tried a lot of things. This hot air from a hair dryer method works, and in five minutes you will know it too—personally—which is the best kind of knowing. Here’s how you can do it safely. Set a 1200 watt hair dryer on the high heat setting, and blow the hot air directly onto a chosen spot of itching skin. Hold it there until at some critical time, and distance, probably about five seconds, and two inches, the temperature of the skin starts to heat up rapidly. After a second or so at this critical distance the skin will suddenly feel painfully hot. Remove the stream of hot air immediately. It is this brief—1/10th of a second—flash of pain that will kill the itching sensation for that exact area of skin. Now go back, and paint all of your itching skin with the same level of pain by moving the stream of hot air slowly along so that any area of skin doesn’t feel pain for more that 1/10th of a second. Repaint any remaining itching areas after a couple of minutes if needed. This method will suppress the itching for about eight hours.

Brevity is the soul of wit. So I will stop.