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Why do the most wonderful people bring on Doomsday?

Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the man who authorized the building of the 1st atomic bomb, was a wonderful person, and acknowledged worldwide in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s as the chief humanitarian in the world. J. Robert Oppenheimer was an exceedingly sophisticated, and sensitive man, and yet he wholeheartedly led the team which created the first atom bombs. Burris Cunningham was a warm, and thoughtful person, and yet he knowingly refined the first plutonium, and paved the way to the manufacture of the first atomic bomb. My Columbia High-school classmates in Richland, Washington some of whose parents I also knew manufactured the plutonium for the atomic, and hydrogen bombs, and they were all decent people. The Air Force pilots whom I knew in the United States Air Force were all products of an extreme winnowing process which would have left only the finest, and most stable young men in the country with their hands on these bombs. There were many more people involved whom I have known personally who were involved with every nuance of this exceedingly evil thing, and yet I will vouch that they were all among the finest people to have ever walked this Earth. If these honest, and well intentioned people can not be made, before their actions, to understand the enormity of their actions, and prevent the ever accelerating rush toward Doomsday, then who can? Probably nobody! Doomsday appears inevitable!

The survival of humanity, in the short run, is in a Lifehaven of some sort where a seed population is maintained, and in the long term by the creation of some form of Vital Laws which will replace nature’s laws of selection for maintaining humans in balance with the environment.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Charles Scamahorn
Eleanor Roosevelt and Charles Scamahorn

This picture was taken at the Roosevelt memorial in Washington D.C. on 2004 09 24 some 47 years after I met her at her home in Hyde Park, NY. At the time we talked she was at the height of her personal powers, and I felt smaller than the shadow of a flea beside her. However, our conversation although brief was filled with a feeling of genuine warmth, understanding, and humanity. The following quotation chiseled in stone is near her statute beside her husband FDR.

They (who) seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers…call this a new order. It is not new and it is not order.

That speech referred to the German NAZIs political movement back in the 1930s, and it is the form of government which the Lifehaven and the new Vital Laws must seek to prevent, because in the long run it is the rule of good laws which has provided more stability than even the best human ruler.

J. Robert Oppenheimer

J. Robert Oppenheimer

I met Oppenheimer at his home in Princeton New Jersey the summer of 1957 as a young man, and quite frankly was overwhelmed by being permitted to talk to such an important person. It was rather comic for the first few minutes until he calmed me down by being such a comforting host. This particular blog is about what wonderful, and humane people were involved in the bring on of Doomsday, and this man was certainly one of the finest. The half hour I spent with him was one of many memorable pleasurable vignettes concluding with going out to his garden where he picked a few perfect strawberries for me to eat on my hitch-hiking trip back to Pullman, Washington. I ate them but now wish they had been framed or bronzed like a babies first shoes.

Burris Cunningham

Burris Cunningham

Burris Cunningham was almost my father in law, and although I didn’t know him very well having only had dinner with him a couple of times in the rather strained role of suitor to his daughter, but he was certainly a kind man. I knew he was a micro-chemist, but I didn’t know until researching my web page a year ago that he was the person who first chemically isolated plutonium from other atomic reaction debris. It was upon the success of his work that paved the way for Hanford reactors to be built where the plutonium was then manufactured in quantity. He was a key person in the construction of the first atomic bomb, but in fact he was also a very nice person.

Hanford reactors blowing toward my home.

Hanford reactors blowing steam toward my home.

I lived for three years about a mile to the right of this photograph as the closest child to these reactors. There had been serious radioactive releases from these plants, but fortunately for me not while I was living there. My father, mother, and stepfather worked at these plants, and most all of my high school classmates parents worked there also. These classmates were salt of the earth types, and the movie The Last Picture Show captures the mood that permeated our town at that time although our town was larger. That movie gives a feeling for their personalities, and attitudes but in other ways having a large contingent of scientists for parents must have had some effect on us. In any case they were all reasonable well motivated people.


Flying B-47s was my job in 1960

This B-47 is shown with huge fuel tanks under the wings and a radar nose implying that it might have been a reconnaissance model but as the belly is painted white, to reflect the heat of a H-bomb blast it may have been designated to carry a bomb also.

While a pilot in the US Air Force I had ample opportunity to meet lots of other pilots from all over the world. The one trait that is developed from being in command of airplanes is the responsibility to remain emotionally cool when things get very difficult. This comes about because you are obviously up there by yourself, and in absolute command of your immediate situation. This self reliance after a while permeates ones whole being at least in those particular physical situations. All of these USAF pilots had gone through rigorous selection even before training, and flight school was designed to remove another fifty percent or more so afterward one could safely say these guys were intelligent, stable, physically fit and well trained. Morally it is more difficult to say, but on a day to day basis they certainly behave themselves as proper citizens even under stressful conditions.

The point of this blog is to assure you that the people involved in bringing Doomsday to you personally, and upon humanity in general, are in fact all exceptionally descent, and honorable citizens. They are examples of the best of the civilized human community. They are all doing the jobs that have come their way to the best of their ability, and have been exemplary citizens. I know that to be true because I personally knew a substantial cross section of them. So, what’s wrong? And, what is to be done to save you, and humanity, and maximize total human happiness? If you are a young person you will almost certainly be confronted with a Doomsday catastrophe, and therefore it is in your best long term survival interest to solve this problem now, and to support other people who are trying to solve it.