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While developing these Lifehaven survival of humanity ideas it becomes helpful to discuss them with other people. Below is a list of reasons why it seems to be a difficult topic for various people to discuss. Some may consider it a list of why to ignore Doomsday, and the Lifehaven project, but others might consider it to be a list of opportunities for discussion. The list might be the doom of the Doomsday Project, or its beginning. Here is a long list so it will be easy for you to choose a reason for not supporting the Lifehaven Project.

  1. People don’t like to talk about their own death.
  2. People don’t like to talk about others surviving after their personal death.
  3. I don’t care what happens after I die, because, I won’t be conscious anyway.
  4. Doomsday probably won’t happen until December 24th of 2012, or some other random date, so there’s still time to enjoy ourselves.
  5. People have trouble thinking reasonably about workable answers to really big problems.
  6. People have trouble thinking about things outside of their personal experience.
  7. People avoid discussing things that might impose some limitations upon them.
  8. People want to maximize their options and freedoms, and limit their responsibilities and payments.
  9. Supporting say six Lifehavens, with one thousand people each, is just too expensive for only 6.7 billion people — after all that’s one person for only every million people.
  10. Big issues bring out the irrational in people’s thinking and tend to go rather easily to extremes.
  11. Things are great now, so why bother changing anything.
  12. Things are so rotten now there is no hope of ever changing them.
  13. These are ultimate issues, and that interferes with religious doctrines.
  14. It isn’t polite to talk about religion, and ultimate things.
  15. It isn’t polite to talk about sex and reproduction.
  16. All birth control is based on ugly operations.
  17. Birth control interferes with pleasure, and we don’t have enough pleasure as it is.
  18. It is against cultural, and religious policy to limit births or even to talk about limiting births.
  19. Birth control is evil, and should be prevented.
  20. If we don’t reproduce our enemies will replace us.
  21. I don’t care what you say, I want all the children I can possibly have.
  22. It is my duty to have all of the children I can possibly raise.
  23. Having a baby would give my life a purpose, and meaning.
  24. Having a baby may be in my control, but the survival of that new soul is in God’s hands.
  25. The whole subject is repulsive, and contentious so I won’t talk about it.
  26. People don’t like to argue about silly things, and Doomsday is the silliest thing ever.
  27. We should not interfere with the natural order of things like birth and death.
  28. Its okay for others to limit themselves, but I need a little more.
  29. The problem is on the other side of the world, so why should I worry?
  30. Our family is already doing everything we can to save the world like recycling plastic bags, and driving a Prius.
  31. We are doing our part, and already have compact fluorescent lights.
  32. Water is the biggest problem, but we don’t have that problem locally.
  33. It is all the big money capitalists who are controlling things.
  34. It’s the government’s fault; it’s always the government’s fault.
  35. The lawmakers say we can’t pass unpopular laws.
  36. The police say we can’t enforce unpopular laws
  37. The local leaders say population policy will have to be done worldwide not just locally, and if we limit our population foreigners will just move in.
  38. It is already too late, and nothing can be done so let’s have another drink.
  39. Live to the maximum, because we will all be dead soon no matter what.
  40. Only crazy people think about Doomsday, and surviving it.
  41. It is impossible to survive Doomsday.
  42. I want to be on ground zero, and just die instantly.
  43. Only doomed prophets talk about Doomsday publicly.
  44. God takes care of me personally, and I have personal proofs.
  45. God takes care of humanity, because he loves us all, and he said he would not let it happen again. And there is a rainbow to prove it.
  46. God works in mysterious ways.
  47. It will all work out in the end.
  48. We will muddle through okay, because we always have.
  49. No sane person would ever use an H-bomb, so why worry?
  50. H-bombs have never been used and never will be.
  51. H-bombs have been around for 50 years, and have never been used.
  52. I already live in a safe place.

Perhaps this list could be extended to a hundred. People seem to think a list of Top 10 or Top 100 means something special. Later.