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Various Map Styled Views Of Earth.Earth with many projection surfaces.

Earth sliced at various latitudes.

Earth's population by latitude.

This Mollweide Projection shows the entire earth in a circle, and to the right is a population graph based on latitude slices. For those of us usually subjected to the Mercator projection the visual area of the various oceans and land masses looks strange with an overabundance of southern ocean. The Mercator Map was optimized for sailing ships, but this one is better for showing land mass relationships. The chart above is coupled with a  population graph based on population by latitude. It is a surprising comparison, because of the clarity with which it shows the very small proportion of people living in the southern half of our world. Above 45°North latitude there is a substantial portion of Europeans, but below 45° South there is virtually nobody.

All of the Lifehaven sites have been located near or below the 45° South latitude. These locations were chosen for the very reason that they were distant from population centers, but they are also distant from all of Earth’s population in general. These remote locations make them difficult to access by people made desperate by the Doomsday events, and encourage them to find better solutions to their problems closer to their locations.

No one can foretell with any accuracy where the H-bombs will fall on Doomsday, but if we assume a distribution based on where the people are currently living then the distribution by latitude graph would look very similar to the one on the right. Even the battles at sea, in the air, and in space would probably have a similar distribution but with much more over the northern polar regions because it is the shortest route between many targets. Probably in excess of 95%  or more of bombs would be exploded north of the equator, and the radioactivity would be largely contained there by the wind circulation patterns called Hadley Cells. Even the bombs exploded in the Southern Hemisphere, according to this population distribution, are in the northernmost portion of that Hadley cell, and circulation there would contain most of that radiation to the tropics while it decayed. There are three atomic reactors near the river Platte, and one near the tip of South Africa which are choice targets in an all out war, and are assumed to be destroyed, and release much of their radioactive poisons. But, even these nasty problems would leave most of their poison quite a ways to the north of the Lifehavens. The southern end of Argentina and Chile don’t seem to be very rich in potential targets except for Punta Arenas which is a natural target because of its large size, choke point location in the Straits of Magellan and its international seaport, and airport capabilities. Likewise with Ushuaia “oos-WHY-ah”  on the Darwin Channel.

I and probably you have this peculiar, and currently undeserved love for humans, but because it is our native species it is only natural that we should help it to have a long, and enjoyable existence. The goal of the Lifehaven project is to repopulate the Earth with people, plants, animals, and other things which will bring about the maximum of ultimate human vigor. This is a unique new policy, and it is in direct contradiction to the current policy which is to maximize the total number of currently living humans, and give a lot of sentimental, but hypocritical lip service to environmental protection. That Darwinian policy worked well in the past, but with the super weapons now available it will bring on a recycling of deadly Doomsdays. Those will continue recurring, and making the planet a poorer, and poorer place to live until eventually the planet is inhabited only by radiation resistant green slime. Or alternatively humans could find a way to succeed in limiting their population to a modest number, and living in balance with the solar input of energy, and create a heaven out of this Earth. That of course violates the natural order of the Darwinian universe and will outrage some modern ethicist.

The graphics were based upon materials derived from the work of – Waldo Tobler, Professor Emeritus, Geography department, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060 – http://www.ncgia.ucsb.edu/projects/tobler/Projections/

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