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The problems of Doomsdays, and the Lifehavens designed to survive them which have been discussed in these blogs are ultimately like a nasty, knotty, twisted ball of string beyond the powers of any rational person to unravel. It appears that the current unstoppable inertia of humanity projected even a few years into the future collides solidly with the absolute physical limitations of our planet. When they finally do make their ultimate collision it will be the second greatest event in the human story, second only perhaps to that first party when some young woman uttered a cry of approval of some particular guy, which was understood by her companions. This began a series of thousands of generations of artificial selection in which women chose mates based on these women’s increasingly genetically refined verbal abilities. These two events are the beginning, and the end of humanity as we know it. After the Doomsday Event people will either continue on the route set upon by that pair of women, and on to the certain extinction of our species or we will awaken, and realize that there needs to be a new way to choose our mates and methods of reproduction and thus to create the new species.

The old way of mate selection, and reproduction worked well enough until humans developed super weapons, but now with that physical possibility  clearly within our technical ability it now becomes possible for us to exterminate our own species. But as discussed earlier the policy of survive and outbreed your competition can not work permanently with a species possessing such abilities, and such weapons. The problem becomes unsolvable when there is any group of people with the unlimited ability to breed without external restrictions. All species other than ourselves have outside limitations imposed upon them. Actually, we do too, but they are only famine, homicide and birth control. Famine and homicide are the only usual external options at play, but unfortunately they lead to boom, and bust cycles, and with super weapons now available these will be absolutely disastrous.

The other option is the one induced by human reason, and control, and it means that the vast majority of women would be limited to two children. This restriction would be imposed on every woman in the world. This new way of relating to the reproduction of the species is so different from all other plants, animals, and in fact all other living things that these new human derived creatures might even be called a new life form. They are operating on a new set of operating principles from all other creatures which have gone before. To some degree domesticated plants and animals are already there, although they are not self controlled, but rather they are controlled by outside forces. In this case it isn’t natural forces but the controlling forces of humans. The humans would be controlling themselves, and this is what makes them into a new species — in fact a new life form.

It is a self-imposed external restriction, and that is what makes the creatures that come into being not just a new slightly modified human species, but into a whole new life form. It can choose to reproduce not only what it likes in its present genome, but can willfully decide upon a new direction to go. The law that is successful in creating, and imposing these limitations upon humanity will over the next one hundred thousand years have profound, and unknowable results. Because the direction of those changes will be thoughtfully considered the results should be even more desirable than those of that first conversation a hundred thousand years ago.