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The survival of humanity has been the goal of these blogs. They have covered Lifehaven locations, where the seeds of a new world could be stored for replenishing the Earth after the Doomsday event. They have covered the precursors of the Doomsday events, and the various threats which might trigger a Doomsday event. They have dealt with various aspects of human responses to the preparations for Doomsday, and for the aftermath. Missing is a discussion of Doomsday itself, and the following weeks, months and years.

“But I don’t want to be a pie.”

While you contemplate that quote from the Chicken Run movie a very bright light appears outside of your window, and you hear, “All me life flashed before me eyes”, and there is some flashing on your computer monitor, and creaky noises all over the place, and a tingly scarey feeling all over your body, and a strange taste in you mouth, and — .

Or, perhaps you are contemplating that quote from Chicken Run, and have gotten through a little further, and a flickering occurs on your monitor, but you keep going because it is sort of funny. But then you hear, “Ladies, please. Let’s not lose our heads. – Lose our heads? Aaaahh.” So you go to your door, to see what’s happening, and there are unusual clouds in the distance, and they are looking very brightly lit, like sunset on the horizon — .

Or maybe you have made it to “In all my life, I’ve never heard such a fantastic load of tripe. Oh, face the facts, ducks. The chances of us getting out of here are a million to one.” When the TV which you have on over to one side suddenly starts flashing the WARNING signal to catch your attention for the Public Announcement, and it says “Remain Calm” which you know is the time to start worrying — .

Or just possibly you live down under the equator, and are chuckling over, “Then there’s still a chance.”, and in your general idleness you click through to the Google News, and discover that Atomic bombs are now exploding over a conflict area somewhere up North. It is still so confused that no one on the net can say much except that some nodes are down, and the on duty computer geeks are trying to isolate just where the problems are, and maintain the internet. The internet responded automatically, and is still operative. It was designed for just such a situation, and so far it has functioned as intended. What to do? Where to go? What to take with me? Then there are sounds of confusion out in the street — .

Or there is the remote possibility that you have read down to, “Listen. We’ll either die free chickens or we die trying.” . . . “Are those the only choices?” , you smile, and quietly chuckle, when the general alarm sounds, and everyone starts walking to the meeting hall for another lecture and movie. You can hear the outside doors are being shut, and locked as usual. But, then comes an announcement, “This is NOT a drill. Repeat, this is NOT a drill!”, but because you have gone through the drill quite a few times you know exactly what you are supposed to do. In this case you mentally thank your patrons for selecting you to be a representative of your area to live for a year at this Lifehaven on this remote island, in this remote stretch of ocean + .