After the last couple of months of flailing about with this Doomsday problem it would be easy to become gloomy and doomy myself, but that hasn’t happened. Actually, I have been feeling quite cheerful even though I have eaten something my stomach didn’t like the other day. Perhaps I ate some of the bad tomatoes which are in the news this week. It is hard to feel cheerful when vomiting, but after that event cleared up I’m okay again. Really. It’s hard to believe that I feel good considering how bad it looks to me for the future of humanity. Several years ago I remember getting a bit despondent over the apparent fact that the universe will evaporate in only 10 to the 120 years, and that ultimately there is no permanent meaning to anything, in a time sense anyway. So, with my seemingly over the top relationship with Doomsday it seemed appropriate to ask my friends whom I see on a regular basis if I have gone too far; if I seemed stranger than usual lately.

Hey, I feel fine when I say that there will be 650 times too many babies next year it is clear that something is wrong somewhere, and it might be me. Surely the vote in the motherly population would be something like 650 to 1, and I’m the one. All the same when you look at the birth map from yesterday’s blog it makes one wonder where the food is going to come from to feed all of those new people in India, China and Africa. It is ugly to say but, since the Indians have atom bombs, and the Bangladesh folks don’t, the Indian food is going to come from Bangladesh. The United States has been picking up the world’s food shortfalls for years, but that can’t go on forever when the populations just keep exploding. And, what happens when there is some sort, any sort, of transportation disruption? There would be almost instant famine in some parts of the world. Oh, there I go again … it seems so easy for me to slip into some sort of what if problem finding, problem solving mode so I definitely need a reality check.

The people who have been following these blogs and talking to me all seem to agree that the world is in for a serious setback and the Lifehaven strategy might be the only long term survival path for humanity. So, as unhappy as I am with the results of this inquiry it seems sane, and reasonable to pursue it further. I don’t know where it will go but my hope is for a humanity of a stable and permanently sustainable size living for a very long time.