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Today there were some portraits of the 2000 year old Egyptian Fayoum wax portraits in the news. They are intriguing but they have suffered some deterioration so I found some of them on the internet at Wikipedia, and here is my attempt to return them to a little closer to the way they appeared when they were first created. This is a couple hours work on each portrait at a much higher resolution than shown here. They are not perfect, but they are a bit closer to the original intent without the cracks, scrapes, and holes. Taking away all of the imperfections acquired from two thousand years of aging seems to make them seem more like real people just like you would meet everyday. However, these people are fully one thirtieth of the way back to our original human ancestors which are generally thought to come into being about sixty thousand years ago. They are of course completely like us except for the year, and the place of their birth. One would wonder just how different those first speaking humans would look. Some of these paintings look remarkably like some more modern artists.

Portrait du Fayoum

Faiyum mummy portrait

is in the Louvre in Paris

Portrait Romische Agyptischer

Mummy portrait Romisch Agyptischer Meister

This portrait is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

fayum boy

Portrait of a boy,

National Museum in Warsaw.

portrait fayum boy with white toga

Faiyum mummy portrait of a young man,

In the Antikensammlungen Munich.

portrait fayum of a lady

Portrait of a Roman lady in Egypt.

In the Royal Museum of Scotland.

Portrait du fayoum

Portrait du Fayoum 2nd century,

This painting is in the 2nd century, Louvre, Paris., Paris

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