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This scenario is grasping at a very small straw in a very stiff wind, but here goes. — The previous blogs at this site have discussed the inevitability of the coming Doomsday. They assert that the most well known of the Global Warming pundits have not been confronted with the absolute futility of the feeble patches which they propose. For humanity to live permanently on this planet, and there isn’t another choice, it must live wholly upon the energy provided by current solar input. There must be no mining of new resources, but to live totally on recycling and renewables. For humanity to live for a thousand years more requires total recycling, because things can only be mined a single time, and in a thousand years everything that can be mined will have been mined.

The last time the human species was anywhere near an ecologically balanced state with the Earth was 1825 when humanity consisted of about a billion people, mostly farmers. Modern high tech people live with a carbon footprint approximately ten times greater that the people of 1825. Therefore if we are to live on in our present high tech style there can only be one tenth as many people as then or about one hundred million of us. If the technology were developed to reduce the human footprint the number of people could be proportionately increased. Solutions such as active pollution sequestration would also increase the number. Unfortunately, these populations are after it has been stabilized at a lower number, because we presently have totally overshot the carrying capacity of a stable eco-system, and the population would temporarily have to be much less. This temporary population could be one tenth of the one hundred million final population. Thus the immediate short term goal goal for human population is ten million people. 10 million out of 6.7 billion means that of every 670 people 669 have to go. I warned, in the title, that you wouldn’t like this solution! And, No, I’m not volunteering either I am just trying to show the magnitude of the problem. Once the Earth’s health had returned to normal the population could be raised to a higher number. What the goal of the modern world should presently be is to create a world where ten million people could live with a very small ecological footprint. The Earth will heal it self if given a chance, and this could even be helped along if there was a massive effort at CO2 sequestration, and other pollutant sequestrations especially radioactive ones.

The intentional reducing of the population to ten million people is obviously impossible to achieve peacefully. But, it is possible to create strategies, and technologies now that could be implemented by those people who survive Doomsday to maintain, and stabilize the population, if it ever it comes to that number . If they lived as we presently do then the population would simply explode again to what ever the carrying capacity was at that time, and they would then self destruct, just as we are presently doing. Presently there are technologies that could be used to control the population, and limit families to two children per person. To me being limited to two children doesn’t seem particularly oppressive to the reproductive instinct. The Chinese have limited their families to one child per woman, and they do complain about that, but do obey, and the economy, and health of the population has soared. With a limit of two children per woman there would be little complaint, and the population would be stable. The problem of cheating can be eliminated by using RFID technology. This is discussed at RFID=Ubiquitous identification of our and your stuff and Population control – The most unpopular solution of all. One real advantage of this system is that we can manufacture it very cheaply at present and store all of the necessary equipment for future use by those future people. At that time all they would need to do to maintain a stable population would be to use the system which is readily available.

That might prove to be the greatest gift we could provide to those future generations. My ultimate goal is to maximize the total number of healthy years of human life, and the way to do that is to have a maximally sustainable number of people for a great number of years. Nature’s strategy is to to maximize a species numbers as quickly as possible, and that works well for all other species. But, for humans that won’t work because, we possess weapons of species extermination. We are forced to choose because, no one can choose for us, between self extermination, and self control at a sustainable number. At present we have clearly chosen the path to self extermination. Doomsday has already begun, and we must now seek to help future people, if they exist, to survive in a permanently sustainable way. The time is past worrying about total collapse it is already inevitable. The time is ripe for preparing Lifehavens for the survival of humanity.

The atmosphere is redolent with Doomsday.