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Sun Tzu soldier

A terracotta soldier from the area where Sun Tzu lived.

Sun Tzu, the author of the The Art of War, the most strategic book ever written on the subject of human conflict, would have a lot to say about the impending Doomsday event. (The following quotes will paraphrase my original (1976) rendering of that book to make it more applicable to this current situation. The tag at the end of each quote is linked to an internet site.)

The Doomsday Event

The precise instant that Doomsday begins is with an atom bomb attack by someone upon some perceived enemy, but that moment cannot be known in advance, because there are too many arbitrary, and confounding factors. The only way one might predict an impending attack is from inside information collected by spies. “Spies are the most important element in preserving the health of the people, because on them depends the ability of the sovereign to see and to know what is really happening and thus to act properly. That is the way it was in the past, but now when there are about ten unique nations in possession of atomic weapons, and each of those has multiple backup people, for reliability when attacked, it is impossible to know what all of these people with the power to trigger the Doomsday event are thinking, and how they are about to act. Thus it becomes impossible for anyone to predict when Doomsday will begin. However, it requires no special inside information to observe that the stressors tending toward Doomsday are accumulating.

“Because the the study of evil and war is of vital importance to the survival of the world, it must not be neglected by any sovereign or his generals. “In the past the generals who won battles made many preparations at home before the battles were fought, and the generals who lost battles made few preparations beforehand. Thus we know that thorough preparations lead to victory, hasty preparations lead to defeat and no preparations at all lead to calamity. In the Doomsday situation those who make no preparations at all will not only lose battles, but will lose absolutely everything. The people for whom those sovereigns and generals are responsible will be annihilated. Because, humans are more resourceful in protecting themselves than wild animals, we may know that most wild plants, and animals as well as unprepared people, will soon be gone. If any of them are to survive we must protect them.

“Think ahead now to when your weapons are worn out, your enthusiasm extinguished, your strength exhausted and your resources spent, how opportunists will spring up to exploit your difficulties. These opportunists may be human or other life forms such as pathogens, or radiation, or some totally unexpected problem, which will make future life very difficult. “Then no man, however wise, can prevent the disasters that will come. The only thing a thoughtful man can recommend now, is to prepare for the probable event, and not be excessively concerned with precise timing of that event. “As a rule, one unit of the enemy’s resources put to our use is equivalent to twenty brought from home. The enemy in this case is time itself. Preparations made early will cost some effort, and money, but those made at the last minute, when in a state of panicky desperation, will cost much more, and when the Doomsday event occurs will be found to be improper as well as insufficient. These desperate last minute preparations, when seen by an atomic bomb armed enemy, may themselves trigger the Doomsday event, because those preparations make them consider it probable that you are about to attack.

“Make it known to the people that the general of their army is their dearest friend. He is the man on whom depends whether they and their nation shall have a quick and desirable peace or a prolonged and costly war. The person in charge of these preparations will be seen in a negative way by the public because of the nastiness of the subject of Doomsday with which he is associated, but he is the man upon whom survival is dependent and he must be supported.

“The ideal in war is to take a country whole and intact, for a divided and ravaged land
has little value. The ideal, if one can use that word, is to take as much of our present world into the post Doomsday world as possible, because if we don’t take a broad base of things there will be only a small base upon which to reconstitute a livable planet.

“In the general resides the military security of the people. If he is complete in every way, the people will be safe, but if he is defective the people are in danger.  In this Doomsday case no one is safe in the normal usage of the term, and the security of the people is only in the survival of humanity’s genetic code for future generations. Ultimately, that is all that having children provides to an individual, because after a few generations one’s personal input into the genetic heritage, becomes minuscule. An individual is made up from parts from the whole of the human genome, and there is nothing about the genes of an individual that cannot be reconstituted from the genes of unrelated people. Except for our unique embodiment of that genetic code, and our personal experiences which have modified it in some way, we are simply representatives of that human genome. But, that individual body will inevitably soon be gone no matter what one does. The species lives on for quite a while longer. The Livehaven Strategy is striving to maximize the long-term quantity of human life, and let the individuals do what they can to maximize the quality.

The people involved with the Lifehaven Strategy are in a new category of human occupations. The requirements of the new jobs are different from those of any other jobs on earth. These people are not nationalists because they represent no country, they are not military because there is no interest in taking other people’s property. They are not gods, because they are purely human, and they are not crazy because they are in responsible contact with everyday reality. The only thing unique about the people involved in this project is, that they recognize the unsustainability of the current trends, and are preparing for a life after the almost certain to be sudden collapse of our current high tech society.