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Fight World Famine

A patriotic young man fighting off the vultures of world famine coming to steal the food he has brought forth from the earth with his honest labor and toil.

These are probable precursors to the Doomsday event:

  1. The possession of an arsenal of A-bombs by one of the victim countries of famine.
  2. A leadership that believes it has the right to use atomic weapons to obtain food.
  3. A supporting population of people who feel dispossessed of a necessity like food.
  4. An essential item, probably food, water or energy, becoming difficult to acquire.
  5. A dearth of an essential like water for crops, and even for personal use because of another country’s actions.
  6. The price of food exceeding 80% of the income of most of a country’s people with associated thefts becoming commonplace.
  7. A religious belief in the righteousness of killing other people to save ones friends.
  8. A 50% worldwide shortfall of a major food crop — wheat, rice, corn, soybeans.
  9. Major theft of food supplies at sea, or on highways, by organized groups.
  10. State sponsored theft of another country’s water or food.

A Doomsday can happen at any moment because of accident, error, mistake, or simple stupidity which triggers a positive feedback cycle of hostile actions. However, the aggravating factors listed above are probable immediate precursors of that type of event happening, because they increase the stress that is felt by all of the people, and by their leadership. The final triggering event won’t be the lack of food per se, but the perception of an imminent condition where the victims feel that if they don’t act immediately they will become so disadvantageously weakened as to become supine, and unable to defend themselves. When they are so weak that they can’t defend themselves then their enemies will step in and take what little they still possess, and leave them to wither and die. They obviously can’t permit that to happen, and so they will attack. Because, the leadership realizes the attack will provoke a counter attack they will be forced to attack massively on this first assault. If they possess atomic weapons this means that they will use them. However, when they do use them there are other nuclear states who will be tempted or perhaps even forced by circumstances to use their A-bombs, and almost instantly a positive feedback cycle is in action, and a general conflagration begins. Thus Doomsday is triggered by a food shortfall. The shortfall is only relative to the population’s needs, and so that becomes a question of temporary local overpopulation. The exact order, and development will be unique to any given Doomsday event but this is the general order of development.