May 2008.

1 May 2008 – Lifehaven — How bad are the 15 Homeland Security Disasters? They don’t include major war, and top out at a single homemade A-bomb.

2 May 2008 – The next Mars rovers could be cleaned with a tiny air pump motor, used to pressurize existing tubes. Point the pressurized tubes toward places that need blowing off.

3 May 2008 – How to cure itching, even Poison Oak and Poison Ivy, safely effectively with hot air.

4 May 2008 – Lifehaven — Doomsday forecast with projection of effects but without specific timing – just not today thank you.

5 May 2008 – I want a robot to pamper me, to cater to my every whim, even my unconscious whims and I suspect that is what everyone else wants too.

6 May 2008 – Lifehaven — Maatsuyker Island, Tasmania is the balmiest Lifehaven, but not remote and therefore must be defended.

7 May 2008 – A review of search engines, with links to 42 favorites.

8 May 2008 – Intelligent Design — of humans by humans and for humans is the result of women choosing mates based on their conversations with other women.

9 May 2008 – Australia and New Zealand are the owners of the best places on Earth for locating Lifehavens.A list of potential Lifehavens.

10 May 2008 – It is paramount to avoid gathering facts for oneself, and analyzing them with one’s own mind because that means you are prone to unpredictable behavior.

11 May 2008 – When a robot becomes indistinguishable from a human they need a new name.—android, manoid, womanoid, kidoid, boyoid, girloid, dogoid, dinoid, caroid, planeoid, corpoid.

12 May 2008 – Lifehaven – Peter Island is as difficult as survival gets even on a good day.

13 May 2008 – There are so many variables we must be cautious, and prepare for the probability of extremely unusual events. Some lists.

14 May 2008 – The Doomsday feedback factors are synergistic, and on a collision course, and soon there will be a moan heard around the world. “They” should have done something.

15 May 2008 – A intentionally diverse set of people and other life will be selected to live, and be stored in the Lifehavens.

16 May 2008 – Capzasin and Quinine relaxed the cramps and stopped the cramping pain.

17 May 2008 – You don’t need to go some distant place for recreation when, a short walk several times a day will please your body, and spirit even more.

18 May 2008 – Thus, we need a Lifehaven in place. A single philanthropist could finance it. — Philanthropist is an interesting word. Philanthropist, a “Lover of humanity”. 

19 May 2008 – The foresight of the rich and thoughtful is eliminating their genotypes, and it decreases the foresight quality of humanity.

20 May 2008 – I remain cheerful. Why? Simply because it feels better to be cheerful than to be miserable.

21 May 2008 – These are the people we still call heroes. Nonsense — they are monsters of the worst kind, intelligent, moral people behaving in monstrous ways.

22 May 2008 – — The time is ripe for Doomsday —

23 May 2008 – “Will this TIME person be important a thousand years from now?” 

24 May 2008 – No post?

25 May 2008 – A chart of the Doomsday population crash which is better than anything I have seen before on this subject.

26 May 2008 – No post?

27 May 2008 – NASA has gone where no man has gone before, and they have done it again, and AGAIN and AGAIN! Phoenix sits on Mars

28 May 2008 – The Tunguska Event – Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Missing Comet.

29 May 2008 – Doomsday is already upon us; we haven’t gotten to the nasty bits, just yet.

30 May 2008 – I don’t worry about natural disasters destroying humanity and here’s why:

31 May 2008 – A chart showing the relationships between outdoor air pollution, water pollution, malnourished people, A-bombs, and the Doomsday Clock.

31 May 2008 – Compilation