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On 2008 May 9, I drew a chart of the Doomsday population crash which is better than anything I have seen before on this subject. However, there are a few tweaks to be made. These tweaks don’t make the slightest difference in the actual development of the facts, but they give a better overall view of how these factors will probably look after the Doomsday events. Notice there is a sliding scale as to the dates of the various indicators and of the world’s population when that event occurs.

Doomsday charted

The Doomsday population crash.

The improvement of this chart over the earlier one is that the Doomsday could have happened a long time ago and these would be the effects we could presently chart. It could have happened any time after — a few dates might be chosen such as — the day Einstein (Teller drove the car) and Szilard  sent the letter to President Roosevelt which started the bomb project, or perhaps the day the first bomb was successfully detonated at Alamogordo, or perhaps the day the H-Bomb project was authorized or perhaps the day Szilard proposed the Cobalt Bomb only a week later. These final two events really make the Doomsday event more possible, and possibly final for the human species. The article says that a world destroying Cobalt bomb would not be made because it would be too big weighing in at 510 tons. However, the world production of cobalt is about 32,300 tons, some 60 times more than is needed, and for this task it doesn’t need to be transported. In fact merely setting off an H-bomb in a cobalt mine might kill everyone.