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Peter Island map

Peter Island is off the coast of Antarctica.

Peter I Island -68.846 -90.594 — 243 km² ~ 0 population is an inactive volcano with a height of 1,755m which is claimed by Norway. It is remote from everywhere being 450km from Antarctica, and has all of the advantages and disadvantages of Bouvet Island. As may be seen from the photo it is ice, and glacier covered right down to the beach, and most days of the year it is surrounded by drifting pack ice.

Peter I Island from Google Earth

Google Earth shows a bleak island without any bays.

This is a simulated view from space is a screen capture taken from Google Earth. It shows the typical ice pack usually surrounding Peter I Island.

Peter I IslandPeter I Island on a nice day.

This photo seems to be from the same direction as the Google Earth view above showing the rocky cliffs in the front. There is a larger flatter area on the back side of the island which would probably be better for a Lifehaven site.


It is not impossible to survive if supported from outside.

This is a photograph taken of some ham radio enthusiasts seeking the tag 3y0PI. Get the book 3Y0PI Peter I Island 1994 DXpedition (Hardcover) Apparently, the photo was taken from one of the flat areas on the island and not out on the sea ice. This is probably as hospitable as this location gets for human habitation. Therefore locating a Lifehaven here would be difficult to achieve and expensive to maintain although not nearly so difficult as the South Pole station. Being so cold gives it an advantage for maintaining a seed bank. This location just might prove to be the most survivable however during Doomsday, and that is what this Lifehaven Strategy is all about. Not comfort. Probably a site along the coast of Antarctica or the islands of the Palmer Peninsula would offer more opportunities for this frozen type of Lifehaven, and have a better anchorage for the supply ships.