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Google has been everyone’s favorite search engine for quite a while, and it looked like there could never be anything that would beat it. But then along came LiveSearch by MicroSoft, and PageBull which you probably never heard of out of Edinburgh, Scotland, and now a new Gorilla in your screen. SearchMe which you have never heard of, because it just came out last week. But, it is the search-wave of the future – at least for a long long time to come, which in the computer world means a year or so. My Probaway web page lists my 42 TOP – INTERNET SEARCH ENGINES out of about 500 checked.

Search Top 42

Probaway’s TOP 42 Search Engines

As good as some specialized ones were it still came down to Google, and Google coupled with its images tag which seemed to be the quickest way to find lots of stuff. The images worked better than the text display because it was quicker to do a general scan through the various sites using pictures than words. MicroSoft’s LiveSearch text was also good, and its Images display was much better than Google’s because one could scroll through lots more images much quicker, although it seems to have more duplicates, and more of finds seemed off topic. PageBull was the best for scanning whole sites because it presented as many at a dozen large thumbnails of active sites, and it was possible to get a much better idea of what was on the site than with either Google Images or LiveSearch images. The penalty, there are always trade-offs, was that PageBull was slow. And, now it has slowed to a death crawl, and is useless. They seem to have transmogrified into a text base auxiliary site of Google called Sidekiq (an expanded limiting tag system) (?) . I liked it the old way, but say, la V.

Search Google iRobot

Google search of iRobot – Images

Search LiveSearch

LiveSearch of iRobot – Images

Search SearchMe

SearchMe search of iRobot- opening screen

This new Gorilla, SearchMe just emerged on the web. (what will the next silly icon be — Gorilla on steroids? or how about — Mosquito on MicroSofts butt. ?) What the picture above doesn’t show is how quickly you can flip through the pages, and still stay oriented, because you can see the old and the new approaching pages. On this opening screen shot you can see the next page coming up. The pages are pre-loaded so they come up instantly when you click the arrows, or slide the bar. It combines the best of the various search engines. Speed of presentation, specificity of findings, and a visual display that gives the user a better control over his own findings. It works better than Google in presenting text pages, because you don’t have to decipher the usually arcane text they present. It may be a long time before they can catch up with the breadth of Google’s database for specific information, but for general topics it should prove a much more rewarding experience. It is especially easy to use because to flip the pages you just click the on-screen arrows or use the keyboard arrow keys. Even a baby can do that. Even Jeff Hawkins could do it with an eye-blink clicker. But a blind person wouldn’t be helped at all because this is totally vision centric system or maybe they would, because it flips through pages nicely.

The image search is particularly satisfying because SearchMe presents larger if not full clarity pictures of what you will see, full size, when you click on the site. There is one intuitive flaw, the keyboard up arrow key should enter the screen you are in, and scroll in that screen, and then double click the down arrow to get back to the SearchMe screen. And, I would like micro thumbnails or just numbers or even boxes along the slider bar so I could navigate back to a specific page with one click. But, the real surprise, a pleasurable surprise, is when you do videos. After the usual boot up time of your video player program it allows you to flip through videos as quickly as you click your mouse or arrows. Amazing! I think that this works so well because it pre-loads the next items. That is one aspect of ScearchMe that makes it a killer app. This is an aspect of this technology that will open up new possibilities for using your computer, and new possibilities for entrepreneurs for making money. We will all be saying next year, why didn’t I think of that it was so obvious. I should be rich – if only I wasn’t so lazy. For an unapologetic TV surfer with what I call the fastest thumb in the West, this new way of surfing through videos is really a pleasure. You have to see it in action on a good computer with a good internet hookup to appreciate it but with that becoming standard in most homes this is a new found mega-pleasure for the masses and for me.