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Maatsuyker Island is in the Southern ocean -43.651 146.277 It is only 3km² in size, and is located about one hundred kilometers from the Tasmania port city of Hobart. This makes it easy to supply, and for people to come, and go to a habitable resort-like city location on day trips. It has the down side of the city people coming to the Lifehaven, and trying to gain entry after the disaster has struck, and therefore this one would have to be more defensible. Once a location is chosen this close to a populated place it makes sense to look around to see if there might be a better place. The Breakseas area in Tasmania, with beautiful deep looking bays when viewed in the Google Earth photo from Mt Milner, looks like a fine place.


-43.3410 146.0549 It is about 200 kilometers from Hobart with a lot of rough terrain in between, but there appears to be a passable mountain road to within 20 kilometers of this site. Mostly it would have to be approached by sea just like an island but it would offer more opportunities for locating a cruise ship or digging a mountain redoubt than on Maatuyker Island. The sight is mountainous and difficult to access by road, but being fairly close to a city this difficulty is a positive feature. In looking over the list of potential Lifehaven sites it seems the most likely ones are owned by Australia, and New Zealand because they are temperate, and yet unoccupied. They have little commercial use and although they make beautiful parks they are far from the population centers needed to support so very large an area dedicated to recreation. But, for Lifehavens this is good. It is difficult to identify the best site here in Tasmania using Google Earth, and the internet, but this area seems to offer an abundance of potential good places to permanently moor a retired cruise ship by raising it in a dry dock basin, and permanently beaching it.