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The Wikipedia – Itch article doesn’t tell you how to stop your itching in five minutes, but here’s how you can do it safely. Set a 1200 watt hair dryer on the high heat setting, and blow the hot air directly onto a chosen spot of itching skin. Hold it there until at some critical time, and distance, probably about five seconds, and two inches, the temperature of the skin starts to heat up rapidly. After a second or so at this critical distance the skin will suddenly feel painfully hot. Remove the stream of hot air immediately. It is this brief — 1/10 of a second — flash of pain that will kill the itching sensation for that exact area of skin.

With that bit of knowledge, and experience acquired, move on to the next skill level. Heat up an area of normal unaffected skin beside some rash affected skin, but this time once you reach the pain level move the stream of hot air, and its little zone of pain to the side over the rash area, and keep moving along to new skin, painting the affected areas with a little moment of heat pain. Move at a speed that just brings each new area to the pain point before you move on but also move fast enough so that it stops hurting the very instant that you do move on. You should work at a level of pain that isn’t particularly annoying. With a few adjustments of the skin to hair dryer distance, and speed of movement, you should be able to move along at about one inch per second. It is okay to paint over the same place several times because this is an OFF switch only to the itch. Repeat every eight hours or as needed.

Poison Oak

Poison Oak – This is what your skin will look like.

Probaway – Itch was published in 1994, and first posted to the web before 1999, and to the best of my knowledge no one ever read it. As far as I can tell Google, with millions of hits on itching, never had this cure in the top thousand, and so no one ever found it. Instead there are a multitude of the same old cures , and people quoting each other. These methods sort of help, but they still leave you miserable for weeks. I know; I was there! I suffered the suffering!!!  And, I tried a lot of things. This hair dryer method works, and in five minutes you will know it too — personally — which is the best kind of knowing. You don’t need a lot of science, research and suffering mice, and college freshmen to prove it. You will know it works because the place you treated won’t itch.

I am posting my experiences here on WordPress, because my articles on Colonoscopy and Flu cures have received lots of hits, and positive responses. The reason for their positive response is because these cures I have posted have been from personal experience, and they work. I don’t know why Google finds these articles on WordPress, but not on my standard web site which has more thorough coverage.

Go to Probaway – Itch for a more complete discussion of itching, drugs, insect bites and the usual Liability disclaimer statement.