April 2008.

1 April 2008 – Retired cruise liners might prove nearly ideal for Lifehavens because they are already cities with all of the various things necessary for maintaining people.

2 April 2008 – Hooked in people come to live a life of streaming current information of which they are a living interactive, and meaningful part.

3 April 2008 – The BMI (Body Mass Index) is replaced by the more accurate BDI (Body Density Index)

4 April 2008 – Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona brought secondhand tobacco smoke to the world’s attention, and thereby helped curb the sale of cigarettes.

5 April 2008 – Dan Reicher of Google spoke of their plans to make electricy cheaper than the Chinese pulverized coal burning process.

6 April 2008 – Humanity’s survival with a population of 100 people, requires substantial aid from remnants of our current civilization.

7 April 2008 – All of the power used by humanity is ultimately derived from the sun in the form of stored energy from coal, oil, and gas.

8 April 2008 – I was gravely disappointed in Paul Ehrlich’s lecture! Population is up by 3.8 billion since his 1967 coming famine article. He seems to have quite trying to cope. #

9 April 2008 – Paul Ehrlich is a man, who has made his living from youth to old age talking about world poverty, about famine, bragging about his consumption of $1,000 wines.

10 April 2008 – Corporations choose to deliver what they can sell at the most profit rather than deliver what is best for their customers.

11 April 2008 – The life struggle can be meaningful, and enjoyable in its self.

12 April 2008 – Short term moral behavior is in direct conflict with long term moral behavior as immediate pleasure conflicts with permanent survival.

13 April 2008 – Salima Ikram – Egyptian animal mummies, past, present and future link the name and body together and revivify the essential being.

14 April 2008 – Lifehaven – A list of 25 remote refuges designed for humanity’s survival.

15 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Adams Island – bury a huge retired cruise ship on the side of the inlet with everything needed for over a hundred people for a year.

16 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Bouvet Island is a remote ice covered island that would be difficult to construct but easy to defend once outfitted.

17 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Pitt Island may be the easiest survival community to create and populate because it is remote and still a temperate oceanic climate.

18 April 2008 – Lifehaven – The green zone of possible survival after an Atomic War is based on the experience of an albatross.

19 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Gough Island is remote and cool, but not cold. It has a tiny population that must be totally supplied from outside.

20 April 2008 – Google Earth – Desperately needs better controls for zoom and horizon tilt as the ones they used are functionally backwards.

21 April 2008 – John Adams – TV mini-series was dignified and not the continuous struggle of petty, bickering, self centered, and conniving children, Jefferson described.

22 April 2008 – Lifehaven – South Georgia Island is a possible site for beaching, and raising a retired cruise ship, and forming a large ready made survival hotel.

23 April 2008 – Lifehaven – South Pole is too expensive to supply, and as a seed-bank too mobile for a thousand year station.

24 April 2008 – Michael Marks, took Flextronics from 70 million to 70 billion, he  emphasized that treating people well, and with a friendly respect was always a good idea.

25 April 2008 – Seven sophisticated climate projections all say the same thing. There will be a steady increase in temperature which means until crops fail and people starve.

26 April 2008 – I pause and come back to my senses. Then I go to the aid of the truly needy — the TV oddballs … Michael Scott and find him a girlfriend.

27 April 2008 – These are not arbitrary climate facts, but facts for which they are held personally accountable, and their reports are held up for peer scrutiny as well as public consumption.

28 April 2008 – Lifehaven – Antipodes Island is at the other end of the Earth. -49.686 178.774

29 April 2008 – BUT ultimately it, an A-bomb, is just tripping a trigger like on a mouse trap, and then it all happens rather quickly.

30 April 2008 – A Lifehaven could be totally closed off from the 15 official problems from the, “List of Scenarios” from US Homeland Security Preparedness site.