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___ Antipodes Islands -49.686 178.774 — 60 km² ~0 population is a grassy little mid-latitude island 850 km Southeast of New Zealand which apparently interests no one except conservationists. It is cold, windy, and very isolated. From the looks of it someone might have a cattle or sheep ranch there, but without a port it would be difficult to ship them anywhere, and being so small there hasn’t been the necessary motivation to develop it. Also, the world can get by just fine without a few more big Macs. Those who tried cattle ranching there a hundred years ago failed because the cattle died.

There are the Antipodes on the horizon, rising out of the sea a happy sight for few except the Ancient Mariner or someone seeking a Lifehaven.

Ancient Mariner

It’s a dismal place for everyone, except penguins.

Antipodes Islands

Here is a 3D screen grab from Google Earth, which flattens out the cliffs, and shows a grassy island which is perched on top of an extinct volcano. Because, there isn’t a good harbor such as at Auckland-Adams or an outpost of civilization such as at Chatham-Pitt it might be more difficult to construct a Lifehaven here, but it has all the advantages of a remote island without terribly difficult weather. With greenhouses fresh vegetables should easily be grown. Heritage Expeditions has a site set up with a good history section for bird watchers and herbalists. It has some photos, and with links to some of the other islands which are of interest for this project.

Snares Island

This is a photo of Snares Island -48.03 166.61 which is 200 km south of New Zealand, and 800 km west of Antipodes, but has much the same reasons for and against its desirability as a Lifehaven. It appears to be covered with low trees, but not much grass.