March 2008.

1 March 2008 – El Cerrito BART station photo of Golden Gate sunset.

2 March 2008 – One advantage of the digitization of the human DNA code is that it can be transmitted via radio—as well as stored in physical media—and therefore it could be sent to some distant planet arriving in some remote time.

3 March 2008 – I should have spoken to Dr. Chu!

4 March 2008 – Where are all my friends, my dog, my true love? All gone—and now I am all, all alone.

5 March 2008 – Humanities survival requires something of which humans, as a whole species, are bereft of—forethought and a Lifehaven.

6 March 2008 – Intel’s view of UC Berkeley campus, and its source of computer geniuses.

7 March 2008 – Some thoughts on humanity’s survival with a population of 1 million people.

8 March 2008 – Locating a photos location using the combined power of Google, Google Maps and published photos.

9 March 2008 – A quiet day watching the Simpsons and walking in the rain.

10 March 2008 – TVs “Breaking Bad” lets the viewer hone up on their ability to  understand people, and test their understanding by predicting those characters’s idiosyncratic behavior.

11 March 2008 – Today at the Med, the “Caffe Latte Invented Here” sign goes up, and a lama gets interviewed on French TV, but my pals and I talk of more important things.

12 March 2008 – The appetite is highly dependent upon what and how much has been eaten three days before.

13 March 2008 – It seems inevitable that we are going to sell our freedom, and our individuality, and our souls for more toys.

14 March 2008 – I wasn’t very happy sitting there — then I realized … “I wanted to be exactly here!” I wanted to have my teeth in better shape and this dentists chair was the best place to be!

15 March 2008 – It was a lovely and peaceful, and the ominous clouds were beautifully embedded in another perfect day.

16 March 2008 – The short form of Probaway’s Law: Anything that can be digitized will soon be worthless.

17 March 2008 – Human time, attention, and labor are among the last things to become free, but the last external things to be free would be space and energy.

18 March 2008 – Payment is in the form of others listening to your words with the repayment your listening to their words. That’s a strange expansion of the definition of money.

19 March 2008 – Anything that can be digitized will soon be worthless — monetarily worthless in a short term sense.

20 March 2008 – Nobody wants to pay the fair market value for anything anymore. “Free drugs, free sex, free rock and roll.” More FREE stuff!!!

21 March 2008 – The Microsoft Health Vault is for personalizable health control.

22 March 2008 – The strongest and best propaganda is that which you believe.

23 March 2008 – This post will outline what 100 million survivors might be confronted with, and what we might do now to help them re-establish a more habitable world.

24 March 2008 – Once operational the Lifehavens could be maintained as self supporting world storage sites for the world’s information, and banking data as well as seed banks, DNA data and complete ecosystem seed storage vaults.

25 March 2008 – Even if things are perfect now, and getting better by the day it cannot continue growing as it is forever.

26 March 2008 – Each Lifehaven would contain large seed banks of plants, and animals, and a large data bank of technical intellectual knowledge, and design information.

27 March 2008 – The best place to search for a location for a Lifehaven would be in the Southern Hemisphere coupled with an island, and with some large existing caves.

28 March 2008 – Well, I made it home, and finished off another fine, and uneventful day.

29 March 2008 – Today Marin County library had its annual book sale.

30 March 2008 – A surviving world population of only one million people would probably be the result of a disaster — DISS~11 — such as a major atomic war.

31 March 2008 – I asked Dr. G.I. Shulman about my concept of dissolving plaque and fat out of the body by raising the body temperature four degrees coupled with a little alcohol as a solvent.

31 March 2008 – Condensed