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Today was another Med day, and along the way the new Cody’s Book Store was just cleaning its windows, opening for the first time on Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley.

Cody’s Books

After a couple blocks walk I come to the back of the old Cody’s bookstore on Telegraph Avenue. This flowered gate is directly behind the old store.

Flowered Gate

Just a few more steps and there she is—My Med.

Med 2008 03 28

As I approach, just inside the door a strange transaction is in progress, Char is hugging Craig the owner – She is barely visible facing out the door on the right.
Char hugs Craig

She has been working there for almost a year and was loved by everyone, but now she is going to work for Jodie, the most unique cafe in the Bay Area, down on Solano Avenue — right under the BART tracks, for a couple of days per week. I told her I want her to open her own coffee shop seen here from across the street at the Post Office on Fairmont Avenue. I believe she could make a great success out of it.

Peets And Chars

This place will make a perfect coffee ship if a cool person takes it over. Inside the Med Lois is examining her new camera, and Ove is helping me frame a photo of her photoing me. It is all quite circular.

Ove frames Lois

She has me and I have her and Ove has us framed.

Lois has me on her camera.

We all hang out for a while, and I head home through the low sunlight which is raking across the Channing Street parking structure.

Channing Street Parking structure.

The lighting on the budding leaves was very delicate, and shimmering against the very bold steel skeleton of the parking structure. Onward and half a block later there is this glorious lighting of the student dorm’s exterior wall.

Dorm wall

To the side was this strange shadow of a tree on the dorm wall.

Tree shadow

Well, I made it home, and finished off another fine, and uneventful day.