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View of Cal Berkeley Campus.

I went to this venue hoping to have a great lecture or something, but what transpired was a bit daunting to a mild mannered guy without his superhero outfit on. There appeared to be about two hundred age 20 something people with IQ of 200 or so milling about schmoozing for contacts for potential 200K jobs, and potential employers looking for brilliant potential 20K employees.

And so I, making myself as inconspicuous as possible, focused my attention on the outdoor scenery, which was spectacular. We were at the penthouse floor of the tallest office building in downtown Berkeley. I took a few pictures and being too embarrassed to ride the elevator back down with such elite people, I elected to walk the 15 stories on the interior fire escape. This going to high energy lectures and meetings isn’t always a pleasure for older low energy mind-surfers such as myself.

The pictures didn’t turn out very well because they were shot through deeply filtered windows. Also, I was wearing a strongly striped shirt which showed up in the pictures as reflections off the windows.

The picture above is to the East from the top of 2150 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA and it shows the Campanile tower clearly. The eucalyptus grove is to the left of the picture, and the International House is the round top, light colored building to the top right.