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Last month I posted my Cure for the common cold is six 102° fevers.

The cure for the common cold using 105° F baths.

At the first sign that you are catching a flu, heat your whole body temperature up to a mild fever, 102.0° F, by any means readily available. Use an oral fever thermometer to get it right. Ideally this self-induced fever can be produced by immersing yourself in a bath of 103° F water for five minutes followed by raising the water temperature to 106° F for about ten minutes. After adjusting the bath to 106° F, which will feel a bit uncomfortable, just lie there deep in the water and soak in the heat and let the tub temperature drift back down to about 105° F, by the end of the ten minute period. You may have to reheat the water to keep it at 105°-106° F. Use your oral thermometer to measure your mouth temperature, and the bath temperature alternately until your mouth temperature reaches 102° F. After the heat soak get out and towel off. Then rest, and perspire, and let your body adjust to its natural temperature. Do this two times per day for three days, and once a day for three more days, or twice a day if flu symptoms are still active. That’s it.”

In discussing this procedure with my friends it seems near impossible for them not to get the wrong idea—that they are cooking the flu germs. It can not be emphasized too strongly that this is wrong. You can’t kill the germs without killing yourself first because they can take more heat than you can. What is happening with this procedure is that you are alerting your body’s natural infection fighting mechanisms, such as the macrophages, that there is work that they need to be attending to. There are several things that the body does to fight off invading viruses, and the only one of them that totally eliminates the flu virus from your body are the antibodies which your body creates to fight that particular virus. The problem is that it takes your body a couple days to learn how to make enough of these specific flu killing antibodies. But, once it knows how to create them it sets about totally eliminating those particular viruses from your body. What the flu shot that you get from your doctor does is give your body a sample of some particular flu virus that the Center For Disease Control (CDC) thought was about to become a menace. This shot contains a weakened form of the virulent virus so it doesn’t make you very sick, but it gives your body a head start on eliminating that particular virus from your body when you are exposed to it later on.

What the self induced 102° F fever does is to stimulate your body to think that it is being attacked. It doesn’t know what it is being attacked by but it goes into high alert, and your macrophages start looking around for something which it identifies as foreign to attack. The problem is that these macrophages are fairly large ,and they can’t go everywhere the tiny flu virus can go, and so the viruses have refuges where they can hide, and do some reproduction. But the macrophages can prevent the flu from going into a totally unchecked reproductive expansion. The hot bath procedure slows the virus down enough to give your body time to identify the virus, and start making the necessary antibodies. The hot bath procedure isn’t to cook the virus; that can’t work, so don’t do it. The temporary fever alerts the bodies defenses by simulating your body’s inflammation process which gives the warning that the body is being invaded by something foreign.

If you try and heat your body very much above 102° F, it will be counterproductive, because that excessive heat will weaken you, and make you even more vulnerable to getting even sicker. So if you can’t wrap your mind around this concept don’t attempt to do the hot bath technique. This procedure should be started at the very first signs of a flu, and not several days into the symptomatic stages. If you are already running a fever there is no need to increase your temperature as your body is already doing that in an effort to fight off the virus. Just admit that you are sick, and look forward to a few days of various levels of misery.

No one should ever try and do this procedure to another person!!! This is a self-controlled procedure for adults only and you should only be doing it while you want to be doing it, and not a moment longer. Another thing I’m afraid some idiotic fools are going to try cooking their kids in an effort to cure their kid’s cold. That is so incredibly stupid that I would say that it is a criminal behavior. If you hear of someone going to do that STOP them by every means possible.

(Update 17 May 2009) I have considered the problem of the common cold and the new Swine Flu at greater length with a list of 16 new suggestions on my blog: Reducing the flu threat for everyone. These will all help reduce the rate of transmission of the virus and if that can be brought to a very low level the flu will die out and become less of a problem.