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The Avian influenza A (H5N1) death toll is currently 227 of the 361 victims and in January 2008 it has been even worse, as 10 out of 12 victims died. What this clearly implies is that the current medical treatments are inadequate.

NEJM January 17, 2008 p. 268 “most clade 2 viruses from Indonesia are fully resistant to M2 inhibitors”—oseltamivir (Tamiflu ®). Then on page 270 is revealed the true desperation of the current situation. “Supportive care with correction of hypoxemia and treatment of nosocomial complications remains fundamental in the management of influenza A (H5N1). Corticosteroids should not be used routinely. … mortality was 59% among 29 recipients of corticosteroids, as compared with 24% among 38 persons who did not receive corticosteroids.” Fluwiki is a good general site for more information and treatments. [Update 2014/07/22 – But in their extraordinarily thorough analysis they end with — Coping with flu – “The most important thing to remember is that there is no cure for the flu, so make sure you make yourself as comfortable as possible.” This is just plain wrong, and I published my 102 degree hot bath treatment in 1994, and several times since then, but no one has tried it in a scientific setting, except for me, or it would be published in Fluwiki .]

Those readers not in the medical profession may not know the word nosocomial but it means a treatment caused disorder. In the cases mentioned above the doctors’ treatments killed more people than they saved. And that other medical word hypoxemia is simply a condition in which there is an inadequate supply of oxygen in the blood, and they are suggesting nothing more than supportive breathing for the patient such as oxygen.

When A (H5N1) develops the ability to infect from human to human instead of the more difficult to accomplish route of infection from bird to human then—if the percentages of death remain as they have been this January with 10 out of 12 dying—there will be a far vast disaster. At that current rate of death, of the 6.7 Billion people current living 5.6 Billion would die, and not the several million as is usually suggested by authorities. They don’t want to cause a panic. But, perhaps a panic is what is called for by the public to get more money for more research, and more vaccines. Why shouldn’t we be concerned with a disaster level DISS-9 hanging over our heads.

In fact it may be even worse than DISS-9 because that figure was based on the fact of 10 out of 12 people dieing who were receiving medical care. There will be even less medical care available for the victims during a pandemic. They will receive much less care than  when there were a few isolated cases taken to fully functioning hospitals. There may not be any fully functioning hospitals during a pandemic and those still functioning will be swamped.

What can be done to eliminate the flu?

1. Create a shotgun of vaccines. Presently there is research being done but only by a few laboratories, and they are trying to create specific vaccines. What needs to be done is to create a multitude of vaccines for all of the various bird flus as they presently exist. If a person has immunity to any or all of the presently existing strains of flu it may not stop the new emerging strain from infecting the person, but it may slow or block the new infection long enough to save their life.

2. Isolate current flu suffers from all birds. The way the human flu will probably come into existence is by the transfer of genetic code from one existing human transmissible flu virus to a currently existing bird flu virus. It is sort of like sex and the new flu virus is a combination of the two previous flus. When the new strain of flu has the transmissibility of the human flu, and the virulence of the bird flu we are in serious trouble. When that new flu gets transmitted to a few people who themselves move about and give it to others we have the beginnings of a pandemic. Therefore, the information which needs to be communicated to all people who have associations with birds is that when they have a flu or cold to stay home for a few days until their symptoms go away. When you are sick avoid sick birds!!!

3. Absolute isolation of the bird flu victims from their immediate community and absolute shutting down of transportation out of the communities where the flu exists. This is Draconian, and will be extremely unpopular, and for a couple of weeks will violate those people’s civil rights, but the alternative is vast numbers of people dying. And, that really violates those other peoples’ civil rights! Even a few days of containment will help give the outside world time to react more fully, and to create more appropriate vaccines. Even if the vaccines are not immediately available they might be available before the flu ran its course, and save vast numbers of people a few months later.
4. Because there is no known cure for the A (H5N1), not even close, I must propose the use of an alternative cure. That is the Probaway – Flu. The Cure For The Common Cold Using Voluntary 102° F Fevers. This method of coping with a new flu might work because it operates in a different way from all of the methods presently being used. And, I suggest it because it has worked well for me for some sixteen years on standard flus and colds. The difference is that it maximizes the body’s first line of defense from foreign invaders—the macrophages. These little scavengers circulate through the body, and clean up what they perceive to be garbage. The problem in the case of all flus is that the macrophages in their normal state can’t find all of the viruses, and clean them up fast enough to prevent their geometric growth in numbers. And, in a few days there are so many viruses that the body is overwhelmed. Heating the body up to a mild fever at the first sign of a flu triggers the macrophages to go into a more vigorous state than they would be in normally . There isn’t a need to heat the body to a temperature higher than 102°F, because that isn’t going to cook the viruses and kill them, at least not before it kills the person they are living in. The heating of the body is used to challenge the macrophages to be more active for a while. One advantage of this method is that it can be started at home at the very first sign of a flu, and the sufferer need not wait until day four, the typical entry date to hospitalization, to seek medical help. By that time it is too late for the doctors to do much other than give supportive care—oxygen. Not that anything else they might do is going to help much.

5. Support research into problem solving, and try to find and test other solutions yourself, and post your results. Post even those that you tried that did not work, as well as those that you tried that did work.