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Sumo giant v small skinny kid.

Last year for a New Year’s resolution I started a weight reduction diet plan. I like to do resolutions that I can keep so I make them really fun and easy to accomplish, at least in the short run. Doing anything every day for 365 days better be easy and near automatic or else I won’t be able to do it because I will get bored or distracted or annoyed or find a zillion other reasons to quit and then I do quit. Knowing my frailties it has to be easy.

The Probaway Ten Day Diet comes about as close to those ideals as any voluntary diet is ever likely to come. Basically this diet is to – “do a new diet, any diet whatsoever of your own choosing, for the first ten days of each new month.” It is hoped of course that you will be reasonably sane and responsible in your choices of diets, but that is not the critical part of this diet. The critical thing is to keep it really easy and interesting.

There is the hope that you can wean yourself off sugar at some point. That is harder than you might think because sugar lurks in almost all prepared foods and the manufacturers of food, (manufacturers seems like the right word) are aware of the public’s skepticism about sugar, and so are disguising its presence in food in every possible way. But, the goal of weaning yourself off of sugar isn’t the point either, nor is avoiding fat, or avoiding carbohydrates, or avoiding high glycemic index foods although it is a good idea to limit those things.

The main idea is to find a way to stay interested in dieting in such a way that it becomes possible for you to, at some time in the future, follow a reasonable diet without any effort whatsoever. Because, you have made it a habit and are able to do it without thinking. A diet has to be automatic to work for the long run.

My personal experience is that after a year I have gone from a BMI of 27.8 down to 24.8. As the recommended is 25.0 or under I am now at the top end of the suggested weight for my height using that standard. The best part of this weight loss program was that at no time was I hungry or feeling particularly deprived. It was mostly good fun trying to do the various plans for ten days.

I was thinking about writing about which diets worked best for me, what things brought about the most weight loss, which foods tasted best and all of the other things which most diet promoters suggest. But, that misses the point, which is to have fun finding your own diet. This Probaway diet offers some 4,000 various diets to choose from so there is plenty of opportunity for having a good time. Go do it. It is fun. And almost everyone will come up with something different that works for them personally; all you need to do is find what works for you.

My diet this thirteenth month is no diet at all and eat anything I feel like eating. But that’s my goal — to eat right without thinking about it.