The lines below are condensed thoughts from a date in January 2008.

1 January 2008 – A list of Life Hacks for creating a better world with good habits.

2 January 2008 – Defining the parameters of The  1st Probaway Person of the Year.

3 January 2008 – A good life boils down to maintaining your interest and awareness and creating good habits.

4 January 2008 – Some noteworthy people I have met.

5 January 2008 – The Unabomber claied the reason he killed innocent people was to get the public to listen to him.

6 January 2008- I am a slow learner but I can learn, and all of the things in my Probaway Ten Day Diet are easy to do. 

8 January 2008 – I have long eyes and just do my life tasks as well as I can.

8 January 2008 – The longer the time frame that the solutions are sought after the more unpopular the solutions will be!

9 January 2008 – The world population is increasing three and a half times faster now than it was in 1900, and that was considered a population explosion.

10 January 2008 – Resolutions are easy to keep if they are just the continuation of things you are already doing.

11 January 2008 – Szilard gives a rather precise description of how to make the H bomb into a Doomsday Bomb.

12 January 2008 – A measure of what people value, is what they spend their money on. Words are easy, but money “costs” … well money and it takes effort to get money.

13 January 2008 – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

14 January 2008 – At the first sign that you are catching a flu, heat your whole body temperature up to a mild fever, 102.0° F.

15 January 2008 – I have happened to be within a few steps of where strange, but very specific things relevant to me had happened.

16 January 2008 – Dogs barking, it seems to me refers almost exclusively to territorial space creating.

17 January 2008 – At the top of the Happiness scale, there are longer, and longer periods of time that the hoped-for state of affairs continues to exist.

18 January 2008 – “Tell me what you think you need and I’ll show you how to get along without it.” This applies to money most of the time.

19 January 2008 – Do you have trouble remembering faces? It may be treatable prosopagnosia.

20 January 2008 – I was able to do 30 sit-ups and 16 manly style push-ups without too much strain

21 January 2008 – Here’s how to make a better spell checker.

22 January 2008 – How to enjoy drinking foul tasting purging fluids for a colonoscopy.

23 January 2008 – “Now I am going to start the …. ….. WAKE UP, this is the recovery room! Come on now WAKE UP!”

24 January 2008 – The unthinking people tend to categorize ideas, and other people, and once they have made rigid statements they feel compelled to defend them.

25 January 2008 – Photographs are representations of reality, they are symbols of reality, and they are not the real thing. They are their own thing.

26 January 2008 – 1943 – Age 8 – A Brownie Box camera was my first personal camera, and my first picture was of my parents’ tummies.

27 January 2008 – No post

28 January 2008 – Is there was a way to turn a profit out of preventing global warming? That would be the best way to ramp up the massive development needed.

29 January 2008 – Ambassador Kröner and I had a half hour conversation yesterday, and one of the things which came up repeatedly was his hope.

30 January 2008 – The rewards were metal, jewels, ribbons, and honors. One visits the world wondering why people risked everything for these symbolic material things.

31 January 2008 – There are facial expressions which were consistent indicators of specific emotional states, but that from the facial expression alone you can not tell what is underlying the reason for the emotion.