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I survived, yippee!

It wasn’t so bad after all and the nurses treated me, and my anxieties with supportive warmth and attention. There was a small problem with me, as there always is when they want to probe my veins, in that my veins are very small. At least that’s their excuse for having so much trouble probing them, but I’m not so sure, maybe they really are space aliens, and poking at human veins, and other kinds of tube-like holes is just part of their weird alien thing.

It was sort of fun being wheeled, on my back, on a gurney, into the operating room, and seeing the various ceiling fixtures floating by, while already on a mild sedative. Upon entry into the operating room a quick glance around revealed  some really cool techie things with extraordinarily long tubes which I wanted to scope out. But, after a bit of rolling about on the gurney, and getting comfortably settled in, the nurse said, “Now I am going to start the ….


…. WAKE UP, this is the recovery room! Come on now WAKE UP!” The nurse’s insistent tone was so annoying because I really wanted to sleep some more.

After a while, they gave me a print-out of the results, and my good friend Laurie drove me to my favorite coffee shop to hang out for a while, and then home. Although I had anxiety about going to a hospital the whole experience was sort of fun, and never hurt one bit. The worst of it was not eating for the entire day before, and having to drink a gallon of slightly unpleasant tasting  Colyte. But even that turned out to be sort of fun, trying to figure out how to make it taste good. Which I did, and that little secret is available on yesterdays post. My medical results turned out to be  perfect, and I don’t get to work on the problem of “how to be happy while not eating” for another ten years.