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Some have said that “Money is the root of all evil!” but others have retorted that “Lack of money is the root of all evil!”. It seems that, “For every clear statement of an obvious truth there is an equally clear statement of another obvious truth which appears to be its exact opposite.

The Wikipedia article on money has a clear statement of what web people think money is supposed to be, and what it is supposed to do but in reading over that article I kept wondering if in many cases exactly the opposite might somehow be equally true.

Money Is Happiness Some people link money with beauty and happiness.

Britney Bald But, Britney Spears who has lots of money doesn’t seem too happy!

Money blindness. Everyone agrees that most people are blinded by money.

Blind man panhandling. But, even a blind man wants it enough to panhandle.
Make Money on the Web. Some people want to make easy money on the web, but;

MoneyTree We all know money grows on trees.

Money for the dogs. Look in the dog house, money is going to the dogs.

Money skeptic George Washington on the face or your one dollar bill seems a bit skeptical about you, and your money and what you might do with it.

I started off with the intent of doing something a little deeper on the issue of money, but money doesn’t seem to be anything other than a method of getting what you think you want, when you want it. Generally speaking most of what you need most of the time has little to do with money. I am reminded of the old saying, “Tell me what you think you need and I’ll show you how to get along without it.” This applies to money most of the time.