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Everyone has a cure for the common cold, but the difference is that mine WORKS.

About 1994 I read an article about AIDS, and its symptoms, and one symptom that intrigued me was that at the very beginning of that disease process there were, what they called, flu like symptoms. What was being referred to were high fevers about one week to six weeks after exposure to, and catching of the disease. It appeared that the infected person’s disease-fighting defenses were trying to destroy the viruses, and that part of that process was to generate a fever. I thought that perhaps the function of the heat was not to cook off the invading germs, but rather to stimulate the body’s own macrophages, and give the antibody system time to become activated and effective.

But first, a suggestion. The human body has many defenses against assault, but the one we humans prize most is our intelligence. The primary function of the human brain is to preserve the body in as healthy a state as possible. Most people will agree with that general statement although they frequently forget it in practice, and do unnecessarily dangerous things. In the case of disease, the function of our intelligence should be to minimize exposure, that is to avoid people who are obviously sick. But, just as obviously, sometimes that is impossible, and we are exposed.

When exposed we still have some chance of avoiding disease by washing off the offending germs with soap and water. Also, at the very beginning of the disease process the antiviral Tamiflu might “tame the flu”. It does NOT eliminate it altogether, but it does seem to reduce the severity of the symptoms. The Wikipedia article on the common cold goes into sufficient detail with the various other remedies, but admits that nothing works very well, and uses the cover-all term unproven.

My 102 degree fever method is not mentioned in the article, and therefore it is probable that no scientific study of this treatment method has ever been conducted. My website in 1998 had this method posted, and it had been published previously in 1994 under the title Proba, which was a collection of various life hacks, as a page called Flu. But so far as I can tell no one has ever found it or tried it other than me.

Probaway – Flu Treatment

“At the first sign that you are catching a flu, heat your whole body temperature up to a mild fever, 102.0° F, by any means readily available. Use an oral fever thermometer to get it right. Ideally this self-induced fever can be produced by immersing yourself in a bath of 103° F water for five minutes followed by raising the water temperature to 106° F for about ten minutes. After adjusting the bath to 106° F, which will feel a bit uncomfortable, just lie there deep in the water and soak in the heat and let the tub temperature drift back down to about 105° F, by the end of the ten minute period. You may have to reheat the water to keep it at 105°-106° F. Use your thermometer to measure your mouth temperature, and the bath temperature alternatively until your mouth temperature reaches 102° F. After the heat soak get out and towel off. Then rest, and perspire, and let your body adjust to its natural temperature.” Do this two times per day for three days and once a day for three more days. That’s it.

There are further warnings and more detailed instructions at the Probaway web site but that paragraph was lifted straight from that web page. DON’T DO THIS HOT BATH PROCEDURE, if you don’t have a good oral thermometer, are under the age of eighteen, or can’t follow instructions .

Over the nineteen years since I discovered this procedure I have tried a lot of variations on the basic procedure, so you don’t have to. When I have started this procedure at the first symptoms it has been one-hundred percent effective in reducing the flu to barely perceptible. I know the flu is still there because, during the various experiments, I performed on myself, when I stopped the hot bath after only one or two days the symptoms came right back. Then, of course, I started taking hot baths again and suppressed the germs. Go to the Probaway – Flu site for a longer discussion of the method.

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